Poffertjes Dutch Baby Pancake by Cake Love

Earlier, we shared with you about The Ugly Duckling at Eunos Ramadan Bazaar. Here is another booth that you should try when you are there.

Poffertjes is a mini version of dutch pancake. You can just pop it into your mouth and taste the rich flavours. I tried the Pandan pancake which has a tinge of gula melaka inside each cute pancake sprinkle with grated coconut. It is like a remake of the famous local snack, Ondeh-Ondeh and thankfully, it tasted like one too. Personally, I felt that the the gula melaka is too little. Maybe it is to compliment the baby pancake.

Credits: Cake Love’s Instagram

Salted egg is the in thing now. Everything related to salted egg is a hit. Likewise, they sell the pancake with salted egg filling and salted egg sauce. A must try for salted egg lovers. It is so good looking at the sauce melting like a cheesy butter. Overall, it has a pure natural creamy taste of salted egg.

There are other flavours other than those being mentioned above. Poffertjes is worth a try. Yummy rating 3.5/5 because this cutey has the potential to stay long on bazaar delicacies in Singapore. It is recommended to share it with someone because it can get overwhelming after a few bites.

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