Spicy Korean Yogurt at Geylang Bazaar

There are variety of yogurt shops in Singapore. But have you tried a spicy yogurt?

For $5, you can get the yogurt ice cream with spicy sauce and two toppings. Topping ranges from cornflakes, marshmallow, chocolate rice and a variety of nuts.

The spicy sauce tasted like Igochujang (red pepper paste) but with a kick of spiciness. It gives a weird cooling yet spicy ice cream taste. I did not fancy the taste as its not flavorful enough for me.

Personally, I feel that if you love spicy Korean food, this yogurt is for you. However, if you dislike spicy food, stay away from this. I struggled to finish a cup hence, my advise is for you to share it with your friends. If you would like to try this spicy Korean yogurt, the booth is located at the corner of Geylang bazaar near Haig Road.

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