Say Goodbye to 12 Years Old Greyson and Hello to 18 Years Old Greyson

Say goodbye to the 12 years old Greyson Chance and hello to the new Greyson. New image, new voice, new style, things just got better!

Greyson was recently in Singapore as part of the promotional tour to promote his new EP, Somewhere Over My Head. The Fifth Parlour had the opportunity to meet the new Greyson and wow, he has really grown over the past four years since the last I saw him. Four years ago, he was shorter than me, four years later, he is way taller than me.

So is there any food that Greyson misses after his last visit?

“I don’t miss Durian! I do love the black pepper crab here, like a lot. I had Nasi Goreng. I love the food here. There is so many different cultures in Singapore and that is really cool to experience,” shared Greyson. That is uniquely Singapore for you.

As part of his promotional tour in Singapore, he also performed at on Saturday alongside Darren Espanto and local singer, Inch Chua. Attendees got to listen to his new sound which he describes as more mature, urban sounding and soulful. He also added that he tried to put a lot of emphasis on lyrical contents. Somewhere Over My Head is close to his heart. He declared that it has been a long process working on the EP. Taking a break from music for about two years to live ‘normally’ made him fall in love with music all over again. He believes that this EP is a reintroduction to fans who have been with him for a while but also an introduction to the rest. “So, it is not 12 year old Greyson anymore. It is 18 year old Greyson now,” said Greyson.

Greyson picked for us two of his favourite songs from the EP. The song, No Fear, is really a special song to him as it has a good beat to it and feels it is the most bad ass song in the EP. “I always think that I am sort of like a geeky kid. No Fear to me was like me walking into the studio and like I want to write a song that made me feel like a bad ass and that is how the song came about,” shared Greyson.

Another song that he really loves will be More Than Me because he feels like it is a cool song.

As shared on his Twitter, Greyson has just graduated from high school and we at The Fifth Parlour surprised him with a Mini Superman cake to congratulate him on his achievement. Recalling about it, Greyson could not help but laughed when sharing with us about his parents.  “They call me and they are like we are so proud of you”. Of course, they are proud of this son!

Curious fans have been wanting to know what is next for him?

As of now, Greyson is focusing on his music – his EP. But he is quick to add on that he would love to take some college courses online and would love to major on something related to politics because he actually like school as it keeps him sane because music can be crazy at times.

After his busy promotional tour around Asia, Greyson will be heading to Korea for a vacation that he deserves after working so hard in both academic and music! Congratulations once again Greyson upon your graduation from high school.

Support Greyson by purchasing his new EP on iTunes. Stay connected to Greyson by following him on TwitterInstagram and like his Facebook Page.

The Fifth Parlour would like to thank Greyson for the interview and Universal Music Singapore for coordinating the interview. 

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