Keep your eyes wide open for the Horsemen 

Now You See Me 2 is back for an even greater show and more mind-blowing stunts that are bound to keep your eyes glued onto the screen. As a huge fan of the first movie Now You See Me (2013), I held high expectations and anticipations for the second. But this is definitely more magical than you can ever imagine!

Credits: Now You See Me 2 Facebook

With a new member Lula May (Lizzy Caplan) on board, the four Horsemen are back on form with Dylan Rhodes (Mark Ruffalo) against new opponents. Caplan integrated well with her boisterous personality to break the ice between members. This touch of femininity is bound to keep the team in style. Leading up, scenes between Ruffalo and Martin Freeman as Thaddeus Bradley were as intense as ever with exceptional acting. I personally enjoyed these scenes the most with precise expression of emotions between the two veterans. Be sure to pay close attention to these scenes as the pair are bound to bring loads of laughter too! Together with Daniel Radcliffe playing Walter Mabry who engaged the four Horsemen in a conspiracy, there is no doubt that the movie’s star-studded cast is assuring of exceptional acting performance.

Credits: Now You See Me 2 Facebook

Wait, did I mention the movie was lively because of the jokes and surprises?

That is when Asian Pop Prince Jay Chou enters and injects his humour. Fans of Jay would not be surprised to watch him reveal some of his own favourite tricks too.

Led by co-producer David Copperfield, renowned illusionist, one must remain alert for all the tricks and stunts performed. It would be a pity to miss any. The most exciting one that is bound to keep you on the edge of seat is a series of hand tricks performed by the four Horsemen to pass a single playing card among themselves. Moreover, with a huge budget, Hollywood never spares the budget to produce dazzling and stunning illusions at a scale you would never expect.

Credits: Now You See Me 2 Facebook

For movie-goers who value the plot over effects, I believe that this movie would not disappoint you. The plot continues the feud between Rhodes and Bradley as the four Horsemen sank into a conspiracy plotted by Mabry. The ending is bound to be a huge revelation of the past and sparks a possible continuation of the series.

Be sure to catch Now You See Me 2 in theaters now!

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