Young & Fabulous, a glimpse on Cosplay

Being young is fabulous because this is the time to explore and learn more about yourselves. For these young students, they explore the world of Cosplay. Playing students in this film, Aloysious Pang, Joshua Tan and Joyce Chu got together to pursue their dreams in Cosplay.

It is no wonder that this comedy, Young & Fabulous, continues to climb the chart grossing over $313,900 in four days during its opening weekend and successfully maintaining its hold on the third position at the local box office. The film has a balance between comedy and drama.

Credits: Encore Films

This film teaches us that despite all the obstacles faced, it is important to stick by your dreams and act on it. Only by that, you will be able to achieve your dreams. It is a norm for parents to go against your dreams or wishes because they only want the best for their children. For example, Quan Yi Fong who plays Pang’s mum is strongly against him going into Cosplay and designing because she did not want him to go through what she has gone though. Fong had to declare bankruptcy and had fold her fashion business. Fong did not realise that Pang desire to go into the fashion industry is to help her fulfill her dreams.

Also, this film reverse the stereotype of Cosplay. People have the perception that Cosplay-ers are sissy and just like to cross dress. However, in this film, one is able to see that Cosplay requires a lot of hard work as well as creativity. A lot of research needs to be done to make you understand the character; it is not just putting on a costume. You will also need to input creativity to ensure you stand out from others. Adding on, people have the skewed idea that Cosplayers have nothing better to do. As seen in this film, these Cosplayers do have successful career such as being a lawyer and engineer. Hence, Cosplayers is just like any other hobby.

Credits: Encore Films

This film is beneficial to teach others to never judge a book by its cover and to chase your dreams. Passion brings people from all walks of life together just like how Aloysius; a quiet and awkward student, Joshua who only loves to think about money as well as Joyce who only befriends the ‘cool’ people were brought together.

Is this movie a must watch to see?

Personally, I do not think it is a must watch but there is no harm supporting a local filmmaker and the upcoming artistes who have been working really hard for this film. Overall, a good movie with good storyline suitable for family viewing. Parents, if you have no plans for the June holidays, head down to the nearest movie theatres to catch this film.

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