Avoid tourist traps when heading to Fengjia Night Market

Fengjia Night Market 逢甲夜市 is one of the largest night markets in Taipei. Unlike ShiLin Night Market which has gained high popularity among tourists, Fengjia Night Market remains known to few. With the help of my Taiwanese friends, here are some of their recommended items that are bound to earn your approval.

First up Tempura 甜不辣, one of the must-eat dishes in Taiwan. Unlike how the Japanese have tempura as a deep-fried dish, Taiwanese tempura consists of fishcakes and sausages drenched in a sweet sauce (the right translation of the Chinese name).

Tempura 甜不辣

Often, this sweet sauce is an undisclosed secret recipe and varies among stalls and it is this particular homemade sauce which perfected the dish. One big bowl costs 60yuan. After the dish, one can also ask for a bowl of soup used to cook the ingredients for the day. 

Oyster omelette 蚵仔煎

Secondly, one should really try the oyster omelette 蚵仔煎 in Fengjia Night Market. Oyster omelette is probably the most iconic Taiwanese snack to have from night markets. It is also found everywhere in other night markets. But this particular stall had an exceptional crispy taste in the omelette with fresh oysters. Similar to the above tempura dish, the special sauce finished the dish by adding sweet, slight salty and unique flavours.

Try finding this stall right at the end of the street, past a supermarket and other games stalls. Unlike other common finds of this simple dish, this stall has something special to offer. Each plate costs 70 yuan.


Crisp pork ribs soup 排骨酥汤 and braised pork rice 卤肉饭

Thirdly, this dish would be an eyeopener. Crisp pork ribs soup 排骨酥汤 was a delight for having fried pork ribs added into the soup. Coupled with braised pork rice 卤肉饭, it was an authentic Taiwanese-flavoured meal.

Finally, freshening cold drinks. Cheers to grass jelly 仙草冰 and Aiyu jelly 爱玉冰. As a fan of both, these two stalls were probably the best recommendations for cold desserts in the night market.

These stalls have been around for long and serve their drinks to the best quality. For instance, aiyu jelly served at the stall was prepared from scratch from raw starting material: the seeds. The amount of effort produced amazingly sweet and pure aiyu jelly.

These were just some of the recommendations I received, tried and loved. Do try them for yourself and hopefully, you will enjoy them as much as or more than I did.

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