Young & Fabulous – Singapore’s first movie portrayal on cosplay

Young & Fabulous is a story of a group of friends, play by Aloysius Pang, Joshua Tan, Jeffrey Xu and Joyce Chu, who were brought together because of their love for cosplay and their aim to be cosplayers in Singapore. Veteran actor Gurmit Singh, Quan Yi Fong, and Henry Thia play parents and teachers to the kids in this film.

Through this film, Producer-Director Joyce Lee hopes bring about more awareness about Cosplay to the viewers. Lee also mentioned that majority of people would normally feel that cosplayers are eccentric. Public react differently when they see cosplayers and when cosplayers heard about this movie, they were worried that the whole origin and meaning of the cosplays will be twisted. However, Lee thinks that cosplays has very beautiful clothes and it will be nice when its on screen and she wants to change everybody’s perception of cosplays.

The main actor and actresses who acted as a students in the film,  Aloysius Pang, Joshua Tan and Joyce Chu introduced their characters they portrayed in the film.

Aloysius played a student named Royston, the kind of student where not many people would notice or give their attention to as he is very “low profile”, a mommy’s boy and has an excellent results in studies however he has a very big dream which is to be a fashion designer, likes anime and cosplays all the while, only when he met a group of friends then he had the courage to pursue his dreams.

Joshua Tan played as a student named Hao-ren, a very outspoken guy who looks for ideas and ways just to earn lots of money, he then met the other students (Aloysius and Joyce) and he had a lot of fun with them.

Joshua shared the most challenging part was he had to lose his muscles and gain some fats for this film because the director mentioned how a secondary student should not be that muscular. He think of this as a breath of fresh air as its the first time he doesn’t have to “sell his body” for the film. He also thinks it’s difficult for him to take up this character as he has to act as a 16 year old when he is 26 in real life. He also mentioned that he felt stress acting with veteran actor, Henry Thia who acted as his father in the film because he will ad-lib.

Joyce Chu played a student named Violet, a rebellious kid, pretty, popular on social media and an attention-seeker. She is also having a hard time getting along with the people around her, and because she came from a wealthy family, she has no idea how to connect with people. Hence, most of the time, she does the wrong things and loses her self. However she is lonely, a softhearted person, also a person who need someone to care about. Through the cosplay interest, she met the other 2 person ( Aloysius Pang, Joshua Tan) who has a very different personality but they were gathered as they have the same kind of dream.

Joyce not only acted in the film, she also sang the theme song. This film also made her thought of her past where she met objection from her parents of her pursing her dreams. She also mentioned that she learned a lot from the other cast.

Quan Yi Fong who played as Aloysius and Jordan’s strict mother and also a fashion designer. She mentioned it was really hard for her to act out the strict side to her kids in the film.

Jeffrey Xu shared that he believes that even if you had a proper job but you have a bigger dream, you can keep on pursing it no matter what.

Gurmit Singh who act as a discipline master in this film. When we see a discipline master we would think that person must have a heart made of stone, but we realise that this discipline master has a lot of heart for the children. He also said this movie is very positive and very groundbreaking as it tells people not to judge people so quick.

Hence, do not judge a Singapore film and get ready to discover more about Cosplay in this film. From the characters I hope you are all pumped to catch this movie!

Young & Fabulous is now in theaters near you.

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