Who knew Folk and Metal music goes well? – Eluveitie Live in Singapore 2016

Last Tuesday, we were treated to a night of folk metal thanks to Eluveitie. Held at SCAPE Ground Theater, crowd response for the show was not as great as Nightwish but that did not stop the band from putting up an amazing performance. It did not take long for the band to come out and greet their fans. Starting with more heavy songs, the band showed how metal they were but still, keeping their folk sound that they have always been known for.

Credit: Impact Live

Part 1 of the 2 hour show consist more of their heavy stuff that they recently wrote and recorded for the album. The band showed great musicality. They were constantly giving their all on the guitars and drums. Flute and bagpipes were also involved in the show. Switching songs from screaming vocals coming from Chrigel to clean angelic voice from Anna shows the versatility of the band.

The second half of the show was more intimate as they performed acoustic tracks from their album Evocation 1: The Arcane Dominion. Strip down from all the hard rock and metal from the first part, they showed what folk Swedish/Germany rock show is all about. You will be able to hear sounds of nature to the haunting voice from both Chrigel and Anna.

It was such an amazing show but sadly,  this was the last time fans would see Merlin, Ivo and Anna as they exit from the band to pursue other interest. The trio treated fans to a farewell show. What is the future for the band?

Well, as we speak, they are going straight into the studio for a Part-2 of Evocation acoustic album. So, fans can look forward to the new acoustic album from the band, which may or may not include new members.

The Fifth Parlour would like to thank Impact Live for the invitation.

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