Up-close and Personal with Jessie J at the Singapore Indoor Stadium 

Only someone with Jessie J’s calibre can make a strong 6000-crowd feels like an upclose showcase. Indeed it was such an intimate and acoustic set with the pop singer, Jessie J, last Thursday at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. Over 6000 Singtel and Samsung invited guests got to witness Jessie’s powerful vocals during the one hour set despite being jetlagged. Hits such as Flashlight, Price Tag and Bang Bang got the crowd singing along at the exclusive only invites event, Singtel Music Acoustic Experience.

Credits: Singtel & Samsung

Jessie not only showcased her notably great vocals but she took efforts to get closer to her fans. She took questions from the floor and even had a impromptu duet with Singapore Idol’s alumni, Duane Ho where the crowd were wowed by both talents. She also invited a 13 year old girl to sing with her on stage. Seems like Jessie has the power to spot talents since those chosen by her has great vocals. “It seems like a spirit is making me drawn to people who can sing,” joked Jessie.

Credits: Singtel & Samsung

This is my second time watching Jessie live. I managed to catch her last year during the Singapore Jazz Festival. During her set, she never fails to give encouraging and positive words. This time is no exception. In between her set, she will take time to encourage fans to chase their dreams, remind them that it is okay not to be okay and no one is perfect. At times, it feels like I am in a motivational talk convention instead of a concert. But no complains because it is great to see artiste taking time to spread positive messages.

Credits: Singtel & Samsung

One of the takeaways from this concert was getting to hear this response from her when a fan asked her if she could be a superhero for a day, she would want to be infamous and be able to heal people.  “One thing I miss the most is being unknown and just be able to walk down the streets and go up to someone who is crying. I used to do that all the time, sit down with them and help them. i would do that and heal people and have magic powers. Get rid of sickness because it feels horrible to be ill and sick,” shared Jessie. She then received a deafening round of applause from the crowd.

She also reminded fans to start chasing their dreams. “Don’t just trust on your instinct and act on it and don’t give up.” Thanks to what she believes, she is doing what she loves, travelling the world to perform in front of her fans.

Credits: Singtel & Samsung

It was a night to remember for Jessie J fans where fans got to know her better and witnessed how being jetlagged does not stop her from being a great performer. Great vocals, a sense of humour and a great personality, what more can a fan ask for.

The Fifth Parlour would like to thank Universal Music Singapore for the invitation.

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