Decision to be made: #TeamCap or #TeamIronMan

The whole world has waited long for this day… The day when people will take side and #choosewisely. Indeed, its Civil War! This definitely has to be the most exhilarating event happening in Singapore so far!

The Fifth Parlour had the opportunity to meet the cast and Director Joe Russo up close during the Southeast Asia Press Conference held at Marina Bay Sands. During the press conference, the cast exhibited great humour answering questions posted from media from Singapore and all around the region.

One of the highlights was Anthony Mackie responding to the question “If Team IronMan called yours a ‘bird suit’, how would you describe Iron Man’s costume?”

Mackie immediately responded in ‘rage’ and called out the reporter to be a #teamironman. Mackie went on and answered that Iron Man should be called wearing a Coca-cola can. The fun continued with Vision was being described as a Magic Marker, Rhodey as a trash can and Black Panther as a Michelin car tyre. Well, as for the lady on the team, Mackie replied sweetly with “Perfect”. I totally understand why Mackie would want to watch movies with Black Widow.

When asked to describe the movie in one word, Mackie answered “ass-kicking”. Now that has got to be true. Have you seen the trailer with the airport battle? When else would one be able to catch the Marvel superheroes going head on with each other!

On the other hand, Sebastian Stan had another word in mind, “Heart-breaking”. The relationship triangle among Captain America, Iron Man and Bucky was central to the movie and “heart-breaking” does reflect that. No spoilers but it was also an honest reply from Stan.

Last but not least, leader of #teamcap had the final say for the movie: “Record-setting”! Now who would disagree to this?

Later in the evening, the team attended the blue carpet event held in Marina Bay Sands and interacted closely with the fans. Stan gave the best expressions for selfies while Mackie dashed up the escalator to greet fans on the second level. He also gave a lucky lady a huge huge hug and another a kiss on her cheek.

Be sure to catch Captain America: Civil War when it releases in theatres on 28th April. Director Joe Russo highly recommended fans to catch it in IMAX theatres for the most thrilling effects (with 3D too).

So… are you with #teamcap or #teamironman ?

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