Jeremy Passion is back with a New Single, We Can

It has been two years ever since we met and interviewed Jeremy Passion. Singapore fans, have you been missing him because we here at The Fifth Parlour is hoping he will drop by our little island soon so that we can hear his soulful voice!

After releasing his debut album and EP back in 2011 and crowdfunding on Kickstarter for his upcoming album, not much updates has been given to fans about his music.

Worried and anxious Kickstarter’s backers have been asking him about the upcoming album since the project has been backed in 2014. Recently, in a video update and statement for his backers, Jeremy broke the news that he will get the second album done by this year and that is his promise to his Kickstarter backers who has been supporting him.

Wait no more, Jeremy is now back with a new single, We Can. Co-produced with Grammy-nominated Tunde TuneDaRula, this single will be part of Jeremy’s crowdfunded sophomore LP.

We Can is a song that was inspired by a girl from LA that Jeremy used to date. “The idea of opening up a whole new world to someone sparked the creation of the lyrics in this song,” shared Jeremy. I find myself tapping my feet and swaying my body as I listened to We Can. I’m sure you heard the word Kamusta during the beginning of the song. Kamusta means how are you in Tagalog. It is great to see how Jeremy infuse his roots and share with the world. This song also got me wanting to just pack my bag and go somewhere!

If the single sounds this good, I am sure the album will sound great too! Support Jeremy by purchasing We Can on iTunes and stream it on Spotify.

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