Passion is what keeps Jeremy going

YouTube Sensation, Jeremy Passion, was in town in March for his first show in Singapore. Other than performing for his first show, he was also invited to WIN-SQ anniversary. The Fifth Parlour took this opportunity to have a chat with Jeremy.

Jeremy is known for being soulful and his music always has a message behind it. Jeremy describes himself as more of a singer-songwriter that tells a story rather than just a singer. His message  aims to bring out the positivity in life ranging from family, love, relationships and family. He believes that it is important to keep the positive side of music so that people can be reminded that for example, in relationships, if someone is worth staying, you should fight for them. Jeremy says, “I want to be that somebody to remind them about that.”

Jeremy started sharing his music on YouTube when he was 16. For Jeremy, YouTube showed him that those who listened to him are his loyal fans because they took time to search and listen to his music unlike radio, where people are being ‘forced’ to listen to a song even though they dislike it.

Music is a huge part of  Jeremy’s life and thus, he believes in providing kids with an opportunity to find their own creative passions. Jeremy started an initiative called The Empty Suitcase Project after volunteering in Ghana. He even penned down an original song of his visit to Ghana after visiting the children of the Mampong School of the Deaf and Blind.

Listen is dedicated to Jeremy’s younger brother, David Manongdo, who has meningitis. He is deaf and cannot speak or walk. The Empty Suitcase Project provides kids with musical instruments, school supply and backpack. After two years of posting the above video, fans were inquiring on how they can be part of this project. As a result, they managed to raised $16,000 with some even donating music instruments and supplies.

Jeremy would love to bring the initiative to Philippines in the near future. Also, he hopes that The Empty Suitcase Project will be a recognized organization as believes that is is a good arts program for people and he wants to spread art to as many people as possible. He shared that as an independent artist, he has realized how a song can have an impact on someone. Thus,  it will be amazing to see how music for example can change someone life when given the opportunity.

Currently, other than touring and performing, Jeremy is working on a new album which is expected to be out before Christmas. As of now, he has wrote around five to six songs. The album will consists of 12 songs and fans will be able to help him with the production of the album on his Kickstarter page soon.

At the age of 27, Jeremy has already toured different parts of the world sharing his music despite no funding from a record label. It seems like for an independent artists, he has achieved something. So does Jeremy have other dreams?

In the long run, Jeremy would love to build a family and thus, he will have less time to travel. However, he still wants to be part of the music industry. He would like to be involved in producing music such as writing but this time, it is for other people. It will be interesting to see another prototype of Jeremy Passion with a different twist, I would say.

It is great to see an independent artist strives his best to keep the passion of music alive. Not only he has the talent but he made use of his talent to help those in need. Good job Jeremy! We cannot wait for his new album to be out soon. For more information on Jeremy Passion, do like his Facebook Page, follow him on Twitter and subscribe to him on YouTube.

The Fifth Parlour would like to thank Jeremy Passion for taking time despite his busy schedule to accommodate to this interview. 

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