Spring Cleaning Begins on MTV

Does your Mum always complain that your bedroom is in a mess even though you think it is alright? Want to find a way for your Mum to think your room is one of the cleanest? I have got something for you. You need to ask your mum to catch the latest new show on MTV, Grossbusters. 

Credits: MTV

Hosted by funnyman Evan Spaulding, Grossbusters expose filthy bedrooms and gives them a total makeover. Follow Evan and his Hazmat-suited team to discover the dirtiest slobs and most infested pigsties. You would not believe your eyes looking at those rooms.

Credits: MTV

Just look at the rooms above. How could someone even live in that kind of condition? I bet you would drag your mum to watch this show and show her that their son or daughter is not the worst after all! Just like any other shows, Evan will teach these people a lesson before helping them out. He will offer them The Dirty Deal. To keep their side of The Dirty Deal, they will have to take part in a humiliating and public Moment of Shame, before clearing their unimaginable mess and agreeing to change their filthy ways forever.

So what is in for them?

Of course a makeover for their room!

Some of you are slowly doing your spring cleaning to get ready for the upcoming Chinese New Year. Do watch this show to get some tips which could help you in your spring cleaning.

Catch Grossbusters every Monday at 7.30 pm on MTV! Warning, do not watch it while having your dinner because you will not know what will Evan discover in these rooms!

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