Going Twenty with Kang Ha Neul

Entering the highlight of this year’s Korean Film Festival, fans of Kang Ha Neul have definitely waited long for this valuable chance to see their idol up close in person! Moreover, they also had the rarest opportunity to watch Twenty 스물 (2015) with Kang Ha Neul in the same theatre!

Kang Ha Neul made a special attendance at the Korean Film Festival to promote and spent the evening with his fans during the screening of Twenty. Fans were able to purchase tickets which entitled them to autograph posters, movie tickets and to top off the excitement, a photo with Kang Ha Neul before the movie screening at Shaw Lido.

The very moment he stepped down the escalator to the venue, fans gave the loudest and warmest greeting to welcome the actor. Kang Ha Neul never let his fans down by giving them the brightest smile and friendliest gestures in return.

Before every group photo, Kang Ha Neul would extend handshakes to his fans politely and greeted them with an amiable smile. Fans definitely felt his sincerity when he further encouraged them to sit closer to him for the photo. And after each photo, he would hand each one of them the poster and thank them with a great charming smile. Despite time constraints, Kang Ha Neul gladly took selfies with his fans too. Throughout the entire duration, he never showed signs of tiredness but constantly wore his smile.

That evening, Kang Ha Neul joined the audience to watch his movie Twenty, co-starring with Kim Woo Bin and Lee Jun Ho. The comedy definitely brought everyone in the theatre close to tears from laughing as the film tells of three good friends struggling with their life upon graduation from high school as they enter their twenties. All three actors had their unique transformations through this film with Director Lee Beyong Heon and were vivid in their depictions of the struggles and dilemmas faced by young adults transiting into the next phase of their lives.

While watching the movie, one really could not help looking back at Kang Ha Neul among the audience. He definitely enjoyed the movie too, laughing along with the audience at hilarious jokes and scenes while sinking back into his seat when he anticipated his scene to be shocking or amusing.

It had definitely been an unforgettable night at Korean Film Festival 2015 as Twenty marked the approaching end of the festival. During this 10-day event, Singaporean viewers were able to catch top-rated Korean films which gave the audience a glimpse into contemporary and modern Korea. More importantly, the festival could not have been memorable without the support from all viewers.

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