Stay Young – Fairchild’s newly released MV

The essence of the song is not only encapsulated in its title, it is evident as well in the music with the hypnotic guitar riffs in the opening and Adam’s distinctive voice. Now with a newly released music video to go along with it, Stay Young pretty much seals its status as an anthem.

Watching the video brought back so much memories of when we, at The Fifth Parlour, first discovered Fairchild.

The Stay Young video is akin to a mini documentary about how the band travel to this part of the world to introduce all these strangers to their brand of music. Amidst all that, they manage to have fun. We cannot praise Fairchild enough as they are genuinely talented; they write and compose their own songs.

Earlier this year the band made a major career decision and moved thousands of miles away from Gold Coast, Australia, to Manchester, England. While they were there, they also made new music, Hot Rod and Nomme Du Guerre.

The Fifth Parlour wishes the band all the best and we cannot wait for more new music!

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