A chat with 1/2 of The Never Ever

The Fifth Parlour caught up with half of the band from The Never Ever on Day 2 of Music Matters Live 2015. We had a lovely chat with Dylan and Lani; the frontman and keyboardist of the Never Ever, about their music and how playing in Singapore has been for them so far.

The band were really thrilled on meeting different bands from all around the world that came down to play for Music Matters Live, to celebrate music and art in general. According to Dylan, the “crowd response was great” from their first show in Singapore, and they “never expected it to be any better.”

Like any other bands, The Never Ever individually had been in different bands before they decided to come together for a love of the same music and goals, where they instantly clicked at the first band practice and decided from then on there to make a difference in the music scene.

Being an alternative pop band, they draw their influences from the records played by their parents when they were much younger. They also use sounds from arcades and nintendo to draw out the nostalgic memories in their songs, making it the kind of direction that The Never Ever would be going towards.

Looking up to bands like The Wombats and The Kooks, The Never Ever gives their utmost respect to bands just like them whom has given their 100% commitment and wholeheartedly made their music unique, and still made sure they have good work etiquette and originality for the scene.

With that being said, it is no surprise how the band self-produces their music and being their own biggest critics adds up to the challenge of making sure what they put out is as close to perfection as it can get. Lani shared with us how the preparations for MM15 has been a lot of work and as soon as they’re done with the shows, they’ll be locking themselves away from the internet and “cell-reception” for them to be able to write.


The Never Ever recently released a new single, Cinnamon along with a music video a couple months back.

We asked Dylan what inspired him to write about Cinnamon:

“I’ve been playing around with the vocal melody of the chorus for a really long time and it just came together really (organically). Lyrically, the song is about this one time when I was hooked on a specific someone when I probably shouldn’t have been. Did the wrong thing and chased it far, but you know we’ve all been there and then Cinnamon came about!”

Looking forward to what the band has in store for the future, it’s definitely going to be worth the wait! Do follow the band on Twitter, @thenevereverau, and like their Facebook Page and look out for their future tunes! 

The Fifth Parlour would like to thank Dylan and Lani from The Never Ever for the interview and Wenona and her team for coordinating the interview.

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