Led Zeppelin meets Queen! Exclusive interview with TimeGiant

The Fifth Parlour got the privilege to interview one of the bands performing at Music Matters Live this year. They hail from Toronto, Canada and goes by the name of TimeGiant.

The band consists of Tyron, Charlie and Pat. Their music is all about hard rock or should I say Classic Hard Rock. Being their first trip to Singapore, their only complain was the humidity, but nonetheless they still find or country beautiful.

So coming from a big country like Canada, their challenge is reaching out to people to listen to their music. The solution; go outside, let people know and do music conference and of course, social media and streaming.

Talking about their influence in their album A Night To Remember, it was all the music they wrote so far and the music they grown to listen and love. As well as their experience and hardship they went through touring that help them to write such amazing songs for the album.

Take a listen to their first single from the album itself.  Their music and looks do give off the vibe of classic rock. They never did incorporate this into their live, but it growing up while listening to classic rock, it has been ingrained into them. Basically it all been crafted into their heart.

When asked about their best tour memory, without skipping a beat, Singapore was the answer as this is their first time here and it has been an amazing journey for them. Adding on, they also love the tour they did in Germany and opening for Jason Bonham’s Led Zeppelin Experience in New York.

We also asked them if they were given a choice to tour with ACDC, Led Zeppelin, Queen or KISS, who would it be?  Definitely Queen and Led Zeppelin. These two bands are definitely in their own top 3 bands growing.

For now they are in midst of writing their next follow album. They do want to work with Muse’s Matt Bellamy. It’s not all about classic band.They listen to modern music bands such as Muse and Rage Against The Machine, The Darkness and Aerosmith. For touring future, nothing is planned as yet. Singapore is their tour plan for now. But there will definitely be more coming up in the future.

The Fifth Parlour would like to thank TimeGiant for the interview and Wenona and her team for coordinating the interview. 

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