Secrets – Renditions EP Review

Fans of hardcore genre band love the screaming and hard-hitting notes on the songs they play. And when that hardcore band decide to stripped down and do a one time acoustic song on their headlining tour, it be a treat for those who actually attend the show.

So bands decide it was time for them to release acoustic songs/albums to say thank you to their fans. And we have seen a few so far these past few months.

And one of them is Rise Records big band “Secrets”.

They release a 4 song acoustic EP album “Renditions” on April 7th. The album consist of 3-release track from their album “Fragile Figures” and 1 new song exclusively for this acoustic EP title “What’s Left Of Us”.

Secrets show their versatility with this acoustic album. Showing people and their fans, they can sing clean beautiful song.

Honestly listening to this album, while reading my book lying down on a bed. Makes me want to sleep listening to Aaron (Singer) singing in the album. His voice really suits the songs and it definitely shows more versatility in his voice.

The song that you need to know when listening to this EP is definitely the new song they did for this album “What’s Left Of Us”. Such a beautifully written lyrics to a beautiful compose song. Left me kind of a Goosebumps after listen to the song!

“Renditions” is out now on iTunes and Spotify for streaming.

“Fragile Figures” is out on iTunes and Spotify for streaming.

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