These White Kids’ latest MV and single, Sneak Out

Reminiscent of LMFAO’s crazy music style, LA-based These White Kids new video for their latest single, “Sneak Out” is nothing short of a darn good party time!

Made up of BB the Jerk from Season 3 The X Factor’s Wild Thingz and YouTube viral video maker ATM, the pair puts the word mad in madness. They seem like the type of friends who are the life of a party.

“This is the music video equivalent to American Pie. We wanted something you would see and think to yourself ‘WTF did I just watch?’ This was honestly the most fun we’ve had on a set. We had alcohol for the crew so we could all get wasted and forget that we were shooting a music video. All of our closest friends came out to the shoot and turned up with us. Girls were running around half naked in the house. It was pouring rain. It was all a really f*cked up, amazing dream.” – BB the Jerk

These White Kids were formed a year ago when BB reached out to ATM on twitter looking for tracks. And from there These White Kids, affectionately labeled “parents’ worst nightmares”, were born. When you put these two together you get what most in the music business have called a “no-brainer”. Their records are youthful, infectious and provocative. Onstage their high-energy moves fans of all ages.

Honestly I was caught off-guard when I first heard the song and saw the vid as it’s not typically my taste. But I do have a soft spot for LMFAO as I can’t help but groove along, same goes for These White Kids.

For more information on These White Kids, follow them on their Facebook Page!

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