Sensation of Stage (S.O.S) spread KIN-POP at Skechers Sundown Festival 2014!

S.O.S (Sensation of Stage) is a six-member Indonesian girl group led by leader, Mary along with members AG, JL, PB, Sun and Yeye. However, they are not just any typical Indonesian girl group in the music scene. Rather, they provide a fresh breath to Indonesia’s music scene with their sharp dance moves, amazing visuals and vocals. Combining Indonesia’s and South Korea’s distinct traits has ultimately led them in creating a new sound widely known as “KIN-POP (Korean Indonesian Pop)”.

Last month, the talented group was in Singapore for the annual Asian Music Festival -2014 Sundown Skechers 2014 and The Fifth Parlour were able to conduct a short interview with them!


S.O.S (Sensation of Stage)

Prior to their official debut in Indonesia, they had undergone intensive training in South Korea for over a year. When asked about their experience training in S. Korea, they unanimously agreed that it was a tough but fruitful period for the group. Besides having short breaks for their meals and Sunday as a free day, their weekly schedules were mostly packed with dance and vocal trainings classes. When they had the luxury of having free time, they would either go to the mall to shop or go to the church.

Debuted in 2012, the group has already 2 mini albums in their discography. When quizzed on future plans in 2015, they shared that they will be releasing a Korean version of their hit tribute song to their home country called “I love You Indonesia”. It will be titled “I love You Korea” instead. KIN-POP is still a relatively new genre in Indonesia music scene. When asked on which song they would recommend to someone listening to the group for the first time, they answered “Drop it Low” in unison. Drop it Low is a track written by South Korean’s composer, Seo Yong Bae and has since been released in 46 over countries. S.O.S believes that it is their best single to date and would definitely recommend it to people who have yet to listen to them.

We also managed to ask them to share a random fact each about themselves so here are some fun, random facts about the members of S.O.S!

  1. JL is the biggest eater in the group! She eats a lot but is also one of the thinner members in the group. (Definitely blessed with high metabolism rate)
  2. AG sleeps talk.
  3. Contrast to her image (quiet person) portrayed by the media, Mary actually likes to talk and joke a lot.
  4. Yeye is the “heartbreaker” of the group. She often rejects love calls.
  5. PB has the most frequent mood swings. She is especially moody and quiet at times when she is hungry.


Despite being flooded with back-to-back interviews prior to ours, the group still remain energetic and enthusiastic throughout the interview session with TFP.  Their passion to share their love for music and their dreams as singers were indeed overflowing.

Special thanks to Leister & Bernice for helping us coordinate this interview. Thank You to S.O.S and team for the interview!

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