[EVENT COVERAGE] Sundown Festival 2014

The Skechers Sundown festival 2014 was held at the F1 Pit Building this year and it was yet again, another night filled with fantastic performances along Singapore’s iconic skyline. Dubbed as Asia’s largest music festival, Sundown festival 2014 did not disappoint as it brought along a diverse range of artists together for a very special night filled with non-stop entertainment and electric energy – tunes ranging from K-Pop to J-Rock to notable soloists across the region and not to forget, the Asian food street.

Walking through the stalls brought back some fond memories of my own childhood days, with many of the goodies being a rare-find in modern day Singapore. Apart from local goodies, the Asian food street deserves a special mention as it featured delicacies from 11 countries! Although a novel idea, the goodies sold at the Asian food street were quite pricey and visitors had to purchase a $10 worth of vouchers order to exchange for the food. For visitors who only wish to purchase an item and need not use the whole voucher, it was quite the turn-off.

Candies typically sold in a mama shop – a rare-find in typical day Singapore!

Look at all those tid-bits!

This year’s Sundown festival marks a milestone in Sundown festival history as we saw the addition of 3 other countries (Singapore, Malaysia and India) into the mix – bringing a total of 11 countries and 13 performers together. Home-grown artist, ShiGGa Shay opened the show and astounded the crowd with his rap-skills as he rapped about being a “Lion City Kia” (a true Singaporean boy who is born and raised in Singapore) in full-swagger. Jeremy Lin wowed the crowd with his singing abilities. I was particularly impressed with Jeremy as he belted out to the tunes of famous Japanese songs such as “I Love You” with spot-on pronunciation. Singapore’s darling songbird, Oliva Ong, was present too and she captured the hearts of many during her performances with her lively demeanour, crisp vocals and engaging performing style.

ShiGGa Shay and his crew – Grizzle Grind blazing the stage

Singapore’s very own – Jeremy Lin

Olivia Ong charming the audience with her melodic voice

The festival was filled with hypnotising dance moves and upbeat tunes as well, keeping the energy level of the festival on a high throughout. S.O.S (Sensation of Stage), who recently secured a first spot on the Indonesian iTunes chart, performed their hit song “Drop It Low” decked in their black and gold outfits. Multi-national boy-band, CROSS GENE, was also present much to the excitement of the K-Pop fans. The boys brought much screams at the festival and proved that they are not just a bunch of good-looking lads with their jaw-dropping performances and synchronised dance moves.

S.O.S performs for the first time in Singapore at the Sundown Festival

CROSS GENE making the crowd go wild with their hypnotising dance moves and catchy tunes

Other notable performances of the night were delivered by the rockers – WEAVER and Big Ass. Popular J-Rock group, WEAVER, mesmerised the crowd with a mash-up of Coldplay’s “Viva La Vida”, adding a local twist with Kit Chan’s “Home” and a song off the Frozen soundtrack, “Let It Go”. The legendary Thai rockers, Big Ass, performed their hit tracks such as “Tow Tee Mee” and electrified the atmosphere of the festival with their amazing energy LIVE onstage.

Check out a clip of WEAVER’s stunning performance at the festival here:

One of the pioneers of Thai rock – Big Ass!

Hong Kong drama fans were treated to the appearance of singer-actress Kate Tsui. The popular TVB star performed a range of covers in her magician-esque getup and delighted the audience with a range of ballads and mid-tempo songs, showcasing her sweet vocals. Kate’s down-to-earth personality during her segment was very charming and she addressed the crowd in a few different languages (English, Mandarin and Cantonese), trying to cater to everybody’s needs. Powerhouse vocalist Shila Amzah, performed at the festival too and she proved to be another linguist. Fans were left screaming as the charismatic Malaysian lady belted out tunes to classic hit songs such as “想你的夜” and “Cinta Hati”. Not only that, the formidable Shila surprised and wowed the crowd with her rendition of  EXO-K’s “Overdose”, showing the fans some dance moves as well!

Kate Tsui looking gorgeous at the festival!

Shila Amzah wowing the crowd with her powerful vocals

Fans at the festival cheering for Shila!

The night of festivities was brought to an end with Taiwanese veteran singer, Cheng Chen Yue, singing his classic hits such as “路口”, “思念是一種病” and “自由” in a laid-back fashion as the crowd swayed along to the familiar tunes.

Cheng Chen Yue performing his hit-singles at the festival

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The Fifth Parlour would like to thank Red Spade for the invite to Skechers Sundown Festival 2014.

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