Starling Glow – Songbird with a healthy blend of unapologetic pop and crack up rock

Starling Glow – What does it tell you when you hear the name Starling Glow? Does it involve a bird?

Starling Glow a pretty healthy blend of unapologetic pop and crack up rock, started in 2013 by singer songwriter Liz Hill who recently release her debut single Ignite. The band’s name, Starling Glow, is an inspiration from clouds parting and starling is a songbird, hence it seems like a good fit!

Liz was brought up in a musical family. She was the last one in the family to learn an instrument. She even told us a joke that her father told her that she needs to learn an instrument to stay in the family. But she knew her family would support her whatever path she choose to go with. They even encouraged her to take a 4-year traditional degree instead of attending a music college, as they know how difficult a music career can be. They never forced her to practice as they want her to find her own love and appreciation for music and for that she is grateful for. As musical influences go, they listen to a range of artistes such as No Doubt, Paramore, Shakira, Kelly Clarkson, Coldplay, Death Cab for Cutie, Sting and the Police and City and Colour.

When asked to describe about the band’s new single, Ignite, it was describe as one of the favorite tracks from their album. The song has the rock edge and with a guitar driven sound on it. The song is an anthem for underdogs, as she describe in the lyrics came from her processing all the chaos she overcome in the year before getting signed and feeling so empowered to have risen above it. And she hopes others feel the same way she feels.

The debut album will be released in 2015. It has something for every occasion, may it be a chill night at home, a wild adventure with your friends, a pick me up for your break up or first date. Or a song just to cry out to. As the songs all come from Liz experience in the emotions she had, you will definitely find a song that suits the mood.

Starling Glow has plans to tour across the country but their main priority at the moment is to release the debut album next year.

If you would like to know more about Starling Glow, head over to their official page, follow them Twitter and Instagram and like them on Facebook!

The Fifth Parlour would like to thank Liz for the interview and Dea for coordinating the interview!

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