Hoobastank’s 20th anniversary in the show business

Although they have been around for 20 years this year, (since 1994!) Hoobastank still and will always be on a learning journey.

Sitting cross legged on the armchairs, all four members of the band seemed at ease answering questions and sharing their experiences with us.

This concert marks the fifth time that Hoobastank are in Singapore. Currently the band is on their Asian tour and promoting their latest album, “Fight or Flight”. Douglas Robb (lead vocalist), shared that this album was written with his children in mind as he and some of his band members were going through a new phase in life; being a parent. Some may note that this album is a little bit more mellow as compared to the rest, however, Dan Estrin (lead guitar) mentioned that it was not done intentionally.

When asked if they were ever worried that the fans would respond differently to the album, Chris Hesse (drums) is confident that the sound is still something familiar and fans have been giving positive feedback about it during concerts.

One of the biggest reasons that the band have stayed together for so long is that they keep learning, trying, and never stop learning from their mistake. Jesse Charland (bass) hopes that the band will never stop trying to find out who they are and experimenting with their sound.

This year marks the 10th anniversary of their hit single, The Reason. With every success, there comes a time when audience and record labels are expecting another chart topper. And that is one of the reasons that Hoobastank recently decided to not sign on to any label in the US. The management team who were the ones working with Hoobastank during The Reason era, are no longer with the label they were with and the dynamics are just not the same anymore. As much as Robb wants to say the cliché things, they do admit that sometimes it is a struggle. But that do not stop them from producing music as they are afterall, musicians and not celebrities.

Being on tour, as much as it is difficult to maintain work-life balance with the erratic schedule, that is mainly how the band stays grounded. Family is of utmost importance to them.

Right after Singapore, the guys are headed to Taiwan for their next show and a few more Asian stops before they take a break for the holidays.

The Fifth Parlour wishes all the best for Hoobastank and we simply cannot wait for their next album!

The Fifth Parlour would like to thank Colin and team for this opportunity!

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