Meet Singapore’s Rising YouTube Star, Nathan Hartono

What is Nathan currently working on? Want to know more about his musical journey?

Nathan shared with us about his performing experiences not just in Singapore, but also in Indonesia and Taiwan. He also talked about what motivates him in music and plans for the upcoming Youth Sensation Global Tour 2014. Check out our video as we interview one of Singapore’s YouTube Sensation rising soloist.

For the past few years, Nathan has gained a lot of experience through Teenage Icon 2005, Mosaic Music Festival, guest artist at Stefanie Sun’s concert and many more. When asked about the Eco Music Challenge 2012 and being the ambassador of the campaign, he shared about the process of crafting the song and making the advertisement. Even though he faced a few obstacles along the way while doing the advertisement, he admitted that he enjoyed the process and learnt something out of it.

His music got attention during the competition but there were no overnight success or viral videos as the fanbase just grew organically throughout his consistent performance. Nathan revealed that his first few performance was bad and his struggles with writing music. He learnt to play the guitar only a few years ago. Now equipped with the knowledge of guitar, he feels more confident. In future, he hopes he could perform to a sell out concert hall!

Credits: Phios Entertainment

Come December 5, the Youth Sensation Global Tour is not just a concert but a music showcase for young people. Nathan shared a secret with us! According to Nathan, there will be collaborations amongst the Youtubers during the concert. If you have not gotten your tickets, grab them now! You don’t want to miss this chance to catch your favourite YouTubers perform together.

The 23 year old guy does not just sing, but also gives his heart to a lot of special people. He is currently raising funds for the Very Special Arts (VSA), a non-profit organization that strives to provide people with disabilities with the opportunity to express themselves through art. Few days ago, he raised $3000 for the cause at Vivo City while having himself trapped inside a glass box for 8 hours!

The campaign is still ongoing, so do your part and raise the awareness by sharing it with your loved ones! For more information on the on movement, please visit this link.

The Fifth Parlour would like to thank Nathan for obliging with the interview and wish him all the best for his future endeavours!

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