CROSS GENE: Mix of nations, visuals, personalities and voice!

Hello. 안녕. 你好. こんにちは!


They’re not just any typical 6-member boy group from South Korea. Rather, they are the outcome of crossing the superior genes of South Korea, China and Japan to create one perfect group – CROSS GENE. Consisting of South Korean members Shin Wonho, Lee Seyoung, Kim Sangmin and Kim Yongseok, Chinese member Casper and Japanese member Terada Takuya, CROSS GENE represents a multi-national group with both Korean and Japanese songs in their discography to date. Debuted in 2012, they recently made a comeback in Korea with hit track 어려도 남자야 (I’m Not A Boy, Not Yet A Man) .

CROSS GENE was in town last weekend for Skechers Sundown Festival 2014 and The Fifth Parlour was able to conduct a group interview with the talented group.

A mix of multi-national members in a group may not be completely rare in South Korean music industry. With members from three different countries in their groups, CROSS GENE believes that their strength lies in the ability of foreign members (Takuya & Casper) to not only communicate well in Korean language but also being able to convey their emotions well when singing Korean songs. In fact, Takuya is currently filming JTBC’s variety talk show “Non-Summit”, where it features a panel discussion of 11 non-Korean men who live in Korea and speak fluent Korean language.


CROSS GENE proves that they have more to offer than just being able to sing and dance well. Their portfolio includes members Shin and Takuya participating in dramas as well as Seyoung and Yongseok in theatre performances. Quizzed on future similar activities (acting/variety shows) for the other members, the boys shared that members Casper and Sangmin plan to do similar projects in the future to showcase their individual talents.

Even though they have already ventured into the Japanese and Korean music market, the group has yet to make their debut in the Chinese market. However, they shared that given the opportunity, they would definitely grab the chance to record Mandarin songs for their Chinese and Singaporean fans.

Over the past 2 years, the group has been actively travelling and promoting their music in Japan and Korea. Member Shin shared that even though they have individual rooms, they frequently visit each other rooms and spend time watching movies together or talking. Being the more talkative and cheeky member in the group, Shin made the room burst into laughter when he recalled a funny incident with Seyoung. He said, “There was once when I casually went to Seyong’s room. He was taking a shower and at that time, I saw him almost literally naked (awkward loud laugh)”.


CROSS GENE shared that they hope that their music will continue to give strength and motivation to their fans. They recalled a time when they were really touched by a fan’s letter. It was back when they were having their solo concert and they received a fan letter expressing how their music saved her life.

Set to make a comeback in Japan after 2 years, member Casper shared that Future will be a song that will bring CROSS GENE closer to the fans just like 어려도 남자야 (I’m Not A Boy, Not Yet A Man). Also, through Future, fans can expect a more matured and upgraded look of CROSS GENE. Future is set to be released on 14 January 2015.

CROSS GENE 2nd JP Single: Future

Special thanks to Leister & Bernice for helping us to coordinate this interview. Thank You to CROSS GENE for the interview!

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