Shila Amzah Plans to Conquer the K-Pop Industry in the Future

Just like any other youths, Shila Amzah has her own favourite playlist which includes, Katy Perry’s Unconditionally, Wang Lee Hom and Avicii’s Lose Myself, Taeyang’s Eyes Nose Lips, Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda and Exo K’s Overdose.

Malaysian singer-songwriter, Shila Amzah, who has been making waves in China was in Singapore last weekend for Sketchers Sundown Festival. Being famous for her multi-lingual skills, Shila sang in English, Malay, Mandarin and Korean. Wearing the hijab does not stop Shila from venturing into the China market. Her determination to learn and improve herself makes her who she is today. She has also worked with big names from the Mandopop industry such as Eric Moo where she was the opening act for his concert.

If you are an avid follower of Shila, you sure have noticed her interest in K-Pop particularly with one of the bands, EXO, with her constant updates on Soundcloud and YouTube. So after conquering the China market, does she have any plans to venture into the K-pop industry?

Judging by her interest in K-Pop, Shila has already worked out a plan with her dad-cum-manager too. She revealed that she wants to produce at least a single in Korea in the near future when she is done with her upcoming Mandarin album and her shows in China.

Performing in a foreign country and speaking a foreign language seems like a piece of cake to Shila I would say. Just look at how successful she is now. She is a mentor in one of the shows in China and needless to say, she shared that performing in China has to be one of the most memorable performances. However, she also shared about times where she had difficulties understanding what is being said to her in Mandarin, or her pronunciation might be off. She will just laugh it off or smile even though she do not understand. Her positive attitude and her eagerness to learn makes it easier for one to teach her and for her to improve herself.

Other than her album, Shila is still in the midst of planning her upcoming tours. Will we be able to see her touring Asia soon for her solo concert?

China will be one of her stops and she is still considering other neighbouring countries such as Singapore, Indonesia and maybe Australia. To Shila, Skechers Sundown Festival would be a gauge whether she would do a concert here. I hope fans did show they want Shila in Singapore so we are able to see more of Shila in Singapore!

Fans of Shila, I am sure you follow her on Instagram right? Do you happen to notice her likes and dislikes?

If you answer NO, to either questions, let me share with you some fun facts about her!

According to Shila, she loves to cook when she is free and she has been complimented for her dishes. True enough, you will see her uploading videos and pictures of her dishes. Wife material, I would say. Not only is she talented in singing, Shila also draws really well. Her drawings really comes to life. Her love for cats is over the top. Just so you know, she has a total of 21 cats! Lastly, Shila loves to dance to Latin, Salsa, Rock and K-pop when she is alone in her room. She has been dancing since young. Before she sings professionally, she was a dancer.

Shila – a dancer, actress, singer, mentor and the list goes on. At just 24, she has accomplished way more than any other 24 year old. Is she the next Siti Nurhaliza? Personally, my answer is YES!

The Fifth Parlour would like to thank Shila Amzah for the interview and the wonderful team at Press Kit for coordinating the interview.

3 thoughts on “Shila Amzah Plans to Conquer the K-Pop Industry in the Future

  1. Shila is much more better than Siti Norhaliza as she can perform in several languages especially Mandarin…Good luck for her ever lasting future !!

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