Jeremy Teng soars Singapore’s Flag in Japan

Jeremy is no stranger to singing competitions. Locally, he has participated in MediaCorp Channel U’s Campus Superstar 2009 and got into the Top 10. He also emerged champion in both 2012 Japanese Song Contest organized by the Japanese Cultural Society of Singapore and SAFRA The Ultimate Voice 2014.

Credits: Facebook

This has not stopped the 20 year old boy to venture out of Singapore. His passion for music has made him the champion of the prestigious singing contest in Japan known as Nodojiman The World. Jeremy beat 20 other contestants hailing from all over the world and became the first Asian to win the contest. His singing talent is remarkable. He was invited to Taiwan to compete in Super Idol (超級偶像) and was the favourite of the judges and audiences in that episode. Other than that, Jeremy was also the only contestant to have represented Singapore at The Voice of China Season 3.

Coming this November, Jeremy will be performing for the Sundown Festival held at the F1 Pit Building. The Fifth Parlour got the opportunity to chat with him during the media preview on Tuesday.

Jeremy feels honoured to be representing Singapore for the Sundown Festival. He shared that he will be signing his usual songs which will reach out to the hearts of people. The MandoPop artist reassures non-Mandarin speaking audience that he will be singing at least one English songs apart from his own repertoire.

Currently, Jeremy has been busy preparing and rehearsing for a singing competition. This boy seems to be addicted to singing competitions. Jeremy is now in Japan to compete again. Even though he has competed in Japan before, he is still feels nervous about it.

Japan has caught Jeremy’s heart. He is now learning to perfect the language. Jeremy revealed that Japan is one of the countries he wants to explore other than Taiwan and China. Other than the language, he loves Japanese songs too. Have you listened to him singing in Japanese?

Having competed in both local and international competitions, what does he thinks of the music scene in Singapore?

 Thankfully, people are now appreciative of local talents. However, actions speaks louder than words. Yes, they do support local music but their actions say otherwise. Jeremy feels that there is a need for improvement in this aspect. Singaporeans can start attending local gigs and also buy locally made albums. Their action would made a difference.

Speaking of Singapore, Jeremy will be enlisting soon. Even though, it might affect his music career to a certain extent, he plans to make full use of the time. Apart from singing, he is trying to upgrade himself. He plans to take on guitar

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