MTJ, One of Singapore’s top jewellery designers

Marilyn Tan has be crafting unique creations by hand for almost 20 years. 925 silver, 18k white or yellow gold, bronze and luxe metal are just a few materials that she works on to help bring out the unique beauty of each and every precious stones creating magnificent pieces with a quirky edge. Her collections are inspired by the architecture from all over the world and her own environment.

Marilyn Tan Jewellery has been shown in London, Singapore and Paris fashion week. Her pieces are not only available in Singapore, Hong Kong and Colombia but they will also be in the stores of world renowned fashion designer Paul Smith. ” I am so happy to be the first Singaporean jewellery brand, trained in Singapore, designed in Singapore, to be stocked at the Paul Smith store in the UK,” shared Marilyn.

If you are looking for gifts to pamper your loved ones this Christmas then Marilyn Tan is  one of a kind pieces from her latest collection will be exactly what you will be looking for! She has incorporated pearls into one of her latest collections that will be out in stores in October . My personal favourite would be the pearl wishbone earrings. I think they are the cutest pair of earrings with a classic twist. Oh and did I mention they also come in necklaces and matching bangles and what’s a gift without the whole set 😉 ladies you are welcome!

That doesn’t mean there isn’t anything available for the men. MTJ has crafted the most mesmerizing peacock grey baroque fresh water pearl necklace or you could always get him an unique rhodium plated pearl bracelet or if you he is a very classy man them the cufflinks from her lone tree collection is something you would want to grab before it gets sold out.

Marilyn Tan Jewellery appeals to optimistic and confident people as with all the bold colours and designs, her pieces makes a statement of their own. It evokes a will to stare, to touch and to wear. Hurry down to Tangs, Orchard to grab your gift for your loved ones now because I already know what i am going to ask santa for this Christmas!

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