Top Model Sophie Sumner Shares Her Beauty Secret

This particular model caught my attention when she joined America’s Next Top Model Cycle 18. Her happy go lucky personality and cute pink hair will make you fall in love with her instantly. A few months ago, I found her on Instagram and have been following her since. Thankfully, after getting her contact details, I managed to contact her and did an interview with the lovely Sophie Sumner.

The runner-up of Britain’s Next Top Model Cycle 5 and winner of America’s Next Top Model Cycle 18, Sophie Sumner, shares with us her beauty secrets. As a model and host, she has to travel a lot for her assignments. Travelling can take a toll on one’s skin. So how does she take care of her skin?

According to Sophie, she lives by Estee Lauder’s Advance Night Repair as it helps her with the constant flying. Travelling can be very dehydrating on the skin; therefore, it is important to drink plenty of fluids. She also ensure that she takes off her make up before bed.

Another one of her rescue products will be Vaseline which helps the chapped lips. Not only that, Sophie mentioned that you can use the Vaseline over eye shadow to give yourself a glistening eye. Now we know her secret to glistening eyes!

Credits: Sophie Sumner

Sophie has visited Asia several times. She has flied to Philippines on a few occasions for modelling and hosting assignments and has also visited Singapore in 2012 during the Digital Fashion Week and in 2013 to be part of Asia’s Next Top Model, Cycle 1 finale. We asked her what is the appropriate look for Asians?

“Fresh young and not too much. It’s so hot out there. You don’t want too much make up on as it will just melt off! A good lipstick is key. My personal staple look is a winged eye liner… i love the 60s.” Take the advice girls. Sometimes, less is more.

Credits: Sophie Sumner

Have you ever wondered what is inside a Top Model’s bag?

Sohpie revealed that she always carries her full make up bag because you never know what can happen in a day and where you might end up next. Therefore she always has a mascara and liquid eye liner on hand and maybe a bright pink lipstick. Eye drops are a must and mints is essential because you never know who you may bump into. She also added that there is always a lot of random stuff found in her bag. Girl, you are not alone. I believe most girls cn relate; no matter how small your bag is, there will always be random things hidden inside.

So according to Sophie, what is a must have in a bag?

“A cute lipstick in case you bump into a nice guy… and then a cute phone cover in case that guy asks for your number!”

Credits: Sophie Sumner        Sophie and her Dog, Darcy, outside of Buckingham Palace

Currently, Sophie is busy working on a big television show and has just finished a show which will be aired in the UK. She also will be doing quite a bit of travelling. Her next stop will be New York, LA and then to Asia. She hopes to swing by Singapore if there is a chance since she loves it here. We hope we will be able to meet her soon. She also revealed that her cute pink dog, Darcy, would love to visit Asia too!

Credits: Sophie Sumner

If you have been watching America’s Top Model, in every episode, there will be a challenge, be it fashion or make up. So we asked this top model, if she were given only five minutes to get ready, what her makeup routine is. Of course, she would panic and start smacking on as much mascara as she could. “Its all about the eyes this fall, ladies.”

The Fifth Parlour would like to thank Sophie Sumner for this awesome beauty tips and interview. We hope you will be able to swing by Singapore when you are in Asia. See you soon!

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