What do you eat your Roti Prata with?

Singapore is a multi racial country where  you can find  Chinese, Malay & Indian eating together. Breakfast is vital to start of our day. One of the favorites morning meal for Singaporean would be Roti Prata, a bread base dough that is flatten like a pancake and eaten with curry. Over the years, consuming of Roti Prata  has changed unlike back in the days where you dip it in with their signature fish curry or dhal sauce.

Now, you can have your Roti Prata with different types of fillings and toppings for such as egg, banana, cheese, chocolate syrup or even ice cream.

What i love about instant Prata is that I could fried it till it really crispy, just the way I like my Prata to be and of course eat it with whatever I like. Today, I will share with you how I enjoy my Prata!

For me, Prata is best eaten while pouring the Indian Fish Curry/Asam Pedas gravy onto it. Soaked it for a minute and consume it while it is hot.

Tear the prata and Sugar coated it. The sensation of mild sweetness will melts as you chew the Prata.

You can make your own Egg Plaster by pan frying the instant Prata. Drop a teaspoon of cooking oil on top of the Prata and crack an egg on it.

Some stalls may serves Prata with their own sweet sambal alongside with  curry. I love that combination and I would like to share with you an easy Sambal Sardine recipe that could be eaten with Prata.


A can of Sardines (May substitue with a can of cuttlefish)
Some Curry leaves
Few drops of Lime Juice
1 tablespoon Sugar
1 teaspoon Salt

Onions, Garlic, Few Dried Red Chili, 1 Green Chili (To be blended)


Step 1: Pour some oil onto the pan

Step 2: Add in Curry Leaves

Step 3: Pour in blended ingredients and let it cook.

Step 4: Add in the sardines as well as the tomato sauce in the can.

Step 5: After mixing it, you can add a pinch of sugar, salt and lime juice.

With just this five steps, you can now enjoy your Prata with sardines.

What is your favourite way of enjoying the Prata?


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