Celebrate OSIM’s 35th Anniversary with Lee Min Ho Live in Singapore

Brand ambassador Lee Min Ho will be coming to Singapore next month to celebrate OSIM’s 35th Anniversary. To meet Lee Min Ho in person, you have to join a contest!

However unlike other contest, this contest requires you to go for an interview. Therefore, it is not a sure win if you have purchased the OSIM uDiva as you will need to undergo an interview before getting to meet Lee Min Ho! Only 35 winners will be chosen. Seems like going for a match making session or a job interview! These 35 lucky uDiva winners will get to go on stage for a special photo opportunity with Lee Min Ho!

Minoz in Singapore seems to be disappointed about this news. Not only they will have to spend thousands of dollars on the product, it is not a sure win-win situation since only 50 contestants will be contacted for the interview and out of the 50, only 35 contestants will be selected for the meet and greet!

Minoz, if you do not owned the OSIM uDive, don’t worry, you will still be able to catch Lee Min Ho at Causeway Point Atrium on September 27! For more details, head over to OSIM SG Facebook Page!


Event Details:

Date: 27 September 2014, Saturday

Time: 2pm to 3.40pm

Venue: Causeway Point Shopping Mall Autrium (Level 1)

7 thoughts on “Celebrate OSIM’s 35th Anniversary with Lee Min Ho Live in Singapore

  1. Hi there, our Celebrate 35th Anniversary with Lee Min Ho is not a private event. It will be held at a public venue in Causeway Point’s atrium where the public can get to see Lee Min Ho as well. Hope this clears up the misunderstanding 🙂

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