Ning Baizura plans to relive the memories at Rainbow for You Concert Tonight

Known as one of the singing divas in Malaysia, Ning Baizura is set to wow you with her soulful voice tonight at The Esplanade as part of Pesta Raya.

Credits: Facebook

This will be Ning’s first concert in Singapore. Ning has been busy with preparations for this concert while in the midst of working on several endorsements and promoting three of her singles, Pelangi Untukmu, Bukan Wanita Sempurna and Embunan Bersinar.

Other than busy with work, Ning is also busy entertaining her little boy, Ryan Sky Dalton.

Credits: Facebook

Ning is blessed to have a beautiful family. She shared with us that ever since she assumed the role of a mother, there have been a few changes and being more patient is definitely one of them. Ning also finds herself being more content and happy.

Not only is Ning blessed with a beautiful family, she is also blessed with a beautiful skin. If you follow her on Instagram, I’m sure you are able to see how flawless her skin is.

The singer admits that she is obsessed with facials. Her secret to flawless skin is going for facial every week. She will always opt for organic brands and products too. Ning has been having anti-oxidant facials or rejuvenating facials ever since she started her singing career. Another secret weapon of hers will be sunblock which she carries along with her at all times.

Credits: Facebook

So what can fans in Singapore expect for her concert later tonight?

Ning plans to wow everyone with a superb setlist since this will be her first ever concert in Singapore! She wants to bring them back to their memories of growing up. Looks like we can expect old and new songs from Ning. One thing for sure is that you will be able to hear Selagi Ada Cinta since it is her favourite song to perform live.

If you want to relive those moments, there are still tickets available on SISTIC! Don’t miss this chance to catch Ning live in Singapore!

The Fifth Parlour would like to thank Ning for the interview and Winnie from Esplanade for coordinating the interview. 

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