Dance Music is the future for Tom Parker

Earlier this year, The Wanted announced that they will be taking a break so that individually they are able to work on their own projects. The Fifth Parlour got the opportunity to interview one of the members, Thomas Anthony Parker or better known as Tom Parker.

Whilst being in The Wanted, the 26 year old Parker has since set up a clothing business, Hashtagz. Now, he is making waves in the clubs. Parker revealed that he has been playing and experimenting with different kinds of music. However, dance music has been something close to his heart. Calvin Harris who has achieved great things, inspired Parker to explore his options in producing and DJing.

Parker has since teamed up with Richard Rawson on a song, Fireflies which has been receiving positive feedback.

Parker shared that working with Richard was a real experience as it is not something that many people would put together but he think that it really works. Adding on, he referred Richard as an extremely talented musician. When you place two talented individuals together, of course, the result will be explosive.

Credits: Thomson Newsroom

Currently, Parker has been spending his time in the studio; writing, producing and recording. He is in the midst of finding the route that suits him best. However, for now, he has a good plan going in to the last half of the year and the new year.

Parker is a man with many talents. He can sing, write, DJ, plays the guitar and piano. Producing will be added to his cards soon. Parker has been producing for four years and honing his skills in Logic Pro.

What else does Parker wants to do if given the chance?

Parker revealed that has an interest in the education system and how students learns. “I have a real keen interest in the education system and how students learn. I’ve always wanted to make a documentary exploring how different people learn as I think we live in a modern world with technology at our fingertips but still living in a traditional way of teaching.”

Having met Parker several times during The Wanted’s gigs in Singapore and Malaysia, Parker is indeed an eclair, a chocolate eclair to be precise. As explained by Parker, he is hard on the outside but soft on the inside. I believed if you do not know Parker personally, you might think that he is arrogant judging just by his looks. However, once you interact with him, you will realized that he is a nice person after all. Therefore, it is important not to judge someone by their looks, else you will be on the losing end.

The Fifth Parlour would like to wish Tom Parker, a very Happy Birthday and wishes him all the best in his future endeavors. Thank you Tom for the interview and Matt for coordinating the interview. 

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