3 Bands, 1 Stage: Five for Fighting, All-American Rejects and The Wanted

On September 27, people around the world celebrated Arthur’s Day, a day dedicated to the one who was responsible for Guinness. The Fifth Parlour decided to fly over to Malaysia to join in the celebration.

This year, Five for Fighting, The All-American Rejects and The Wanted are part of the line up. Managing Director of GAB, Hans Essaidi, admitted his love for this year acts and believed that it is a great combination as these bands play different kinds of music. Thus, there is something for everyone who will be attending Arthur’s Day.

During the press conference held at Trader’s Hotel, the bands shared about what they are up to and the groups they advocate.

John from Five for Fighting has recently released his fifth album, Bookmarks. He shared about the single, What If. What if is a song that ask a personal question; what if you were me and I were you. He explained that sometimes, we put emotions ahead of common sense or we do put ourselves in each other shoes or eyes to experience what others are going through. He added further that maybe, we will be able to rise above any differences that we have and that is the sentiment and hope.

The Wanted, on the other hand, has been working for two years on their new album, Word of Mouth.The album will be out on November 4. The title of the album was inspired by how the band started. The Wanted tribute their success to their fans who have been working really hard on social media to spread the word around about the band thus the title is a reflection of how they twist the words and the way the band is being recognised.

Amidst the hectic schedule, these bands still find time to contribute back to the society.

Tyson Ritter from All-American Reject partnered with Charity Water to start a movement, Don’t Hate on Haiti.This movement aims to raise awareness about the most devastating global disaster in modern time.

Every dollar donated gives a year worth of clean water to someone in need in Haiti. They have since built a couple of wells in Haiti. Tyler admitted that it feels good to be giving back to those in need.

Jay McGuiness from The Wanted revealed that the band advocates issues related to youths since they are a youthful group. They have advocate rights of children who lives and work on streets. Other than that, they have also visited children centres and those kids who are terminally ill.

John took a different approach. He used his talent to reach out to others.

The song, World, ask a certain questions about the world. The team created a website that invite people to make videos and express their world views and they are able to pick a charity of their choice. To John, being a singer and songwriter gives him the platform to make a difference and use a song to create awareness.

These bands are a powerful tool to create awareness about a certain issue and problem. They are able to reach out to the targeted audience to help them in raising donations and raise awareness about an ongoing problem. It does not even matter what genre the band is because at the end of the day, it is what they do to help others that counts.

It is interesting to have three different bands with different personalities at the press conference. Laughter and interaction between the bands are evident during the press conference.

Head over to our Facebook Page for more exclusive pictures from the press conference.

The Fifth Parlour would like to thank John Paul from Guinness for helping us in securing seats for the press conference and the concert. 

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