The Wanted in Singapore: Press Conference

We were lucky enough to be given the opportunity to be a part of The Wanted’s press conference today!

The last time when they came to Singapore, Jay, Max, Siva, Nathan, and Tom performed a full concert at Max Pavilion in September 2012.

Now the boys are back with a 3rd album in tow and are ready to ring in the new year with their Singapore fans, or as they are more affectionately known as, TWFanmily. When asked what have they been up to since the last time we saw them, Jay shared that Nathan has written a bunch of songs for their new album, Word of Mouth. Nathan managed to write all these songs while he was away from the band after his throat surgery that unfortunately was done during his birthday.

They were joking that Nathan now has a bigger ego and is more demanding asking them to sing his songs. Tom shared that they have never been away from their family for the new year, but The Wanted collectively as a band are glad that they are spending it with their Singapore fans. The Singapore TWFanmily SG have always been very nice and welcoming.

When asked, to look back at 2013 and if there were any regrets?

Max jokingly said to recount his regrets will take a really long while. As for Nathan and Siva, they share the same sentiments and are “glass half full” kind of guys. And they live their life with no regrets, just lessons.

Jay sort of regret his hair being shaved but was truly glad that it could be saved. Jay had a foot-in-mouth moment when he dissed durian; liking it to feet, vomit, and armpit. He was also being his cheeky self when asked what was the kind act of the year: he was jealous of Hugh Jackman saving Jennifer Lawrence when she fell. And I quote: “He’s married for goodness sake! Give others a chance!.”

Before ending the press con, The Wanted thanked their Singapore fans for being so patient because they are always so far away. So when interaction happens, they hope it means more.

Even with their heightened popularity, the band appreciate their fans no less. 4 (yes! Just FOUR) lucky fans were invited backstage after the press con to mingle with the boys, gift giving, and of course photo taking. Being witness to this exchange was truly something special.

We are truly looking forward to party 2013 away with The Wanted! This is the first non stop 7 hours party. You will also witness 8 minutes of fireworks. Fans of The Wanted will be able to hear them perform 12 of their hit songs during the countdown. It is as if you are attending their concert!

If you have yet to get your tickets to the countdown, what are you waiting for?

See you there!

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