Lim Kim talks about turning 21, Indian food and new album in summer!

Lim Kim

Dressed in a simple yet elegant white dress along with light make-up, the charismatic 21 year old rising soloist, Lim Kim shares her thoughts on doing solo, turning 21 and her love for travelling and Indian food in a short interview with The Fifth Parlor.

She first entered the music scene as a member of the duo group, Two Months (Togeworl) when she and team member, Do Daeyoon participated and won third place in South Korea’s singing competition Superstar K3.

In 2013, she debuted as a soloist with the stage name, Lim Kim while her partner returned to States to complete his college education. Her sultry and unique vocal stands in the middle between indie and pop, gaining the interest and curiosity of the mass. She shows maturity as a singer as she continues showing different sides of her with every song she releases.

Having started on her solo journey at 20 years old (Korean age), she marks her passing of 20 as an important chapter for her, which inspired her to name her first full-album “Goodbye 20”.

Goodbye 20 – Lim Kim’s 1st Full-Album

She described herself as someone who is passionate about music, street-smart, loves to travel as well as learning about and embracing other cultures’ practices and cuisines (especially Indian food). In addition, she shared that she is someone who loves to experiment and take chances. You can look forward to another new side of Lim Kim in her new album which will tentatively be released this summer!

Here’s what happened during the interview!

TFP: Welcome to Singapore! I hope you’ve been having a good time here so far. What is your impression of Singapore?

Lim Kim: Thank you! It’s my second time here in Singapore after I came here for Mnet Asian Music Awards 2011. Actually, I arrived in Singapore yesterday and I looked around at some of the roads and the streets and it was really nice. It’s really nice to see the mix of modern and local flavors despite it being an urbanized area. I saw the Merlion and it is really cute!

TFP: Before Lim Kim entered the industry, you were initially Kim Yerim – a member of the duo group Two Months. What is the difference between Togeworl’s Kim Yerim and the Lim Kim today?

Lim Kim: I really enjoy playing both roles. The difference would probably be the types of songs I sing. In Togeworl, my partner, Dennis is a boy and he has a really nice voice. It was really nice singing together as a group. We mostly sang songs that are kind of sweet. However, now, as a solo artist, the lyrics, story and the voice as a whole is more towards a girl’s voice. It’s really different but I enjoy both of them.

TFP: Were there any difficulties transiting from a member of a duo group to being a soloist? What is the major difference working as a team member and as an individual artist?

Lim Kim: The major difference would be the process of creating and recording the music. When we sing a song as a group, we separate the song into different parts and we share the parts. We also work on our harmony. There’s also harmony to work on to strengthen the dynamics of the team. When you become a solo artist, you’ll have to record the song entirely in your voice. Thus, as a vocalist, this transition allowed me to improve and mature as a singer. I enjoy both the process working as a group member and as an individual artist. So, the major difference would be about the process of creating and recording the music I guess. Some of the parts are different when you do things as a group and as a solo.

TFP: Personally, I feel that you add a new colour to Korea’s music industry. You have a very soulful and unique voice and have been widely praised for your charismatic and soulful performance.

Are you singing out of your personal experience and if not, how did you immerse yourself into the songs you sing?

Lim Kim: Thank you so much for the compliment. Goodbye 20 lyrics was actually written by Mr. Yoon Jung shin sunbae-nim (formal way to address a senior you respect). It talks a lot about the life of a 20 year old. We had an honest discussion together and I shared with him stories I heard from my friends. It’s basically things that I have never experience before in real life but heard a lot. Maybe because I heard about it so often that I could immerse and channel myself honestly into that song. I really enjoyed that song because it was a whole different atmosphere from the other songs. It was very bright and it was more pop and I really enjoyed it.

TFP: How would you describe your style of music and in the future, would you stick to the same style of music or do you want to show more sides of Lim Kim?

Lim Kim: I think I’m still very young and it’s not the time for me to stick to only one style. As time goes by, I believe I can specialize in a certain style of music but right now, I want to try out many styles of music and show more sides of Lim Kim as a versatile artist. My voice is going to be keeping it as it is but the style of music would be different. I’m keen on doing experiments and taking chances on different genres of music. That will be something that I would like to achieve.

Kim Yerim and INFINITE Kim Myungsoo in Shut Up Flower Boy Band

TFP: You displayed good acting in your music videos and have even took acting projects alongside idol actors like INFINITE’s Myungsoo (L) on Shut up Flower Boy Band (SUFBB) as well as made a cameo on Monstar which stars B2ST Junhyung. How was the experience like and given an opportunity, would you consider taking on an acting project again?

Lim Kim: It was a really nice experience and I really enjoyed it! I tried acting for the first time in SUFBB and I thought it was going to be really different. It was different but I think that as I was acting as myself, a singer, it was easier to channel myself into the role. Right now, we don’t have specific plans but if given an opportunity, I would be more than happy to take it up.

TFP: What are your thoughts on the Hallyu wave we are witnessing worldwide today?

Lim Kim: It’s definitely great! Korean language and music are being enjoyed by people even though it differs from their culture. I believe that arts and music is something that should be spread all over the world. I like Indian food and it’s kinda different right but you can enjoy it even though it’s different. Korean pop is spreading very fast and I think it’s a good thing.

TFP: What do you have to say to those who have yet to know or heard of you?

Lim Kim: (laughs) I guess, it’s mainly about my voice and actually, I want to show a lot of different music style every time I release my album. So, I think people can look forward to that.

TFP: Share 2 random facts about yourself.

Lim Kim: I’m really good at finding places. I’m street-smart. I don’t know if I’m a good cook. I haven’t try that a lot but I really like it. I love traveling and tasting other culture’s food and I really enjoy Indian food!

TFP: One last question would be that we understand that because Dae Yoon has to go back to the States to finish his education, Two Months official debut has been postponed. Do you have any updates for Togeworl’s fans?

Lim Kim: Dennis had to go back to States and is currently working hard in college. We released Talk To Me MV for our fans earlier this year and the male voice that was featured in All Right is his too! After he completes his time there, we’ll be working on our album. Togeworl fans can look forward to that!

Be it Lim Kim or Kim Yerim, she proves to be a talented singer with a unique and distinct voice and provides a fresh breath to Korea’s booming music industry. I look forward to her 3rd visit here and hopefully, it’ll be for a solo showcase/concert 🙂

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