Brisbane band Dune Rats reminds us of Chocolate Lava Cake!

Brisbane stoner pop band, Dune Rats, was in town last month for Music Matters and scored a bunch of new fans with their awesome live performances. Dune Rats left a deep impression for me with their energetic performances, great live singing and of course not forgetting Brett’s brilliant head-banging and hair flipping.

Dune rats started out in 2011 with Danny on vocals and guitar and BC on drums. The band’s surge in popularity came with their MV for their song, “Red Light, Green Light” which went viral and now, with new member Brett on board playing the bass, Dune Rats are all set on their rise to the top in Australian’s music scene.

The Fifth Parlour sat down with the Dune Rats boys on the last day of Music Matters for a fun and interactive interview. We were treated to much laughs from the three hyperactive boys with the overgrown locks and got to learn more about their debut album and their upcoming national tour.

Dune Rats!

First off, some of you may be wondering – why the name Dune Rats? According to them, the name was inspired by a mentor of theirs who lives in the sand dunes – a hobo, they say. Their mentor used to call the boys “Dirty dirty dune rats”, they took out the word “dirty” and that’s how their band name came about.

BC from Dune Rats

If you have listened to Dune Rats’ previous EPs, their style of music can be categorized as surf-pop, or as Danny simply puts it, “pop music because it’s popular”. However, in their self-titled debut album that was released just two days ago (1st June), the band’s style took a distinctive turn towards trance. The boys described the process of writing and recording their album as sitting out in a beach house shed smoking weed and under the influence of marijuana. They explained that the album was an accurate portrayal of them, just three guys getting high in a shed.

Benny from Dune Rats

When asked about influences to their music, the boys let off that it’s not all weed and marijuana. It was revealed that their moms have a big influence on their music. They added that their moms have a big impact on their tunes because they are honest with them and tell them whats good and whats bad.

Brett from Dune Rats

Being portrayed as hyperactive party animals, we were surprised when it was revealed that the boys do not get much free time. The bunch shared that after their performance in Singapore, Europe and South Africa, they would kick off their National Tour in Australia. Starting on 12th June in Fremantle, Dune Rats will embark on a 9 day tour to perform at 7 states at 10 shows across the country. Despite the band’s fun-loving and easy-going nature, they work really hard to their bones.

Dune Rats joking around at the interview

What dessert does Dune Rats remind you of? Danny thinks that they would be a chocolate lava cake – hard on the outside, soft and gooey on the inside. BC cheekily suggested a banana split, due to the fact that the three of them are of the male species, to which the rest agreed unanimously, bringing much laughter to the set. Personally, I would think the boys are not just banana splits and chocolate lava cake would be the most fitting for the band. It’s hard to go wrong with chocolate lava cake, and Dune Rats are just like that – rad people with a healthy sense of humor churning out fun music.

Dune Rats posing for the cameras

If you’ve yet to check out the band, do check them out. Dune Rats recommends their latest single “Superman” from their debut album. Check out and support their debut album, Dune Rats, at


The Fifth Parlour would like to thank Mel for coordinating the interview and Dune Rats for the interview. We wish you all the best in your national tour and success in your debut album!

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