Lulu The Movie

Many of you will be already familiar with local actress and director, Michelle Chong. She is known for her debut movie, “Already Famous” and her well-loved characters from “The Noose”. The home-grown artist is set to release her third movie soon.

Michelle greeting the crowd at Bugis Junction

Simply titled “Lulu: The Movie” for now, Michelle’s upcoming movie will be centered on Lulu, one of her most parodied Noose characters. Lulu’s a KTV hostess that comes from Mainland China with iconic big, frizzy hair and a distinct Chinese accent.

Auditions for Lulu’s best friend was held at the World IP Day 2014 in the afternoon. The search attracted more talents than expected, however, due to time constraints, only 15 auditionees got to showcase their talents to the crowd. Many of the auditionees went prepared with props and thick accents. Some of them even got to showcase their other talents such as singing and dancing in a comical manner and displayed their creativity in creating a character that is uniquely theirs.

Here were some of the auditionees that stood out during the auditions with their humor, quirkiness and convincing acting:

A Lulu best friend hopeful causing the crowd to erupt in laughter with her antics

Another hopeful with a very interesting get up. Care bears anyone?

This hopeful made sure made my jaw drop by playing a girl with a multiple personality disorder – switching from timid and cowardly to boisterous and uncouth effortlessly.

Michelle Chong also lent her support to the cause of protecting intellectual property. Michelle believes in securing intellectual property and has been playing her part in raising awareness of it. She was appointed Singapore’s new Intellectual Property (IP) supporter at the World IP Day.

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