Check out The StoneWolf Band at Music Matters Live

Last week, we announced the first 25 bands that will be playing at Music Matters Live. Have you checked them out?

Today, we will feature The StoneWolf Band, the first Portuguese band that will be playing at Music Matters Live.

Formed in 2012, this band was formed by Ricardo who was raised in Singapore.  The four piece band is a result of many genres. You can find rock, blues, surf rock, country, reggae and the list goes on.

They have since released an EP titled, Daybreak and will be debuting their debut album, Fear Less soon. Other than a new album which is on the way, the band has released a new single, My Ukulele and Gotta Bounce, which is a hit in Portugal.

The single, My Ukulele, reached #1 on and  #4 on Sapo Videos, a popular website in Portugal that allows content providers to upload their videos. Listening to My Ukulele, reminds me of Jason Mraz. Is The StoneWolf Band, the Jason Mraz in the making?

If you would like to know more about the band, you can download StoneWolf App for free to get updates from the band. You will receive up to date news, pictures, videos and stream their songs on the app.  You can also follow them on Twitter and like them on their Facebook Page! Dont forget to check them out during Music Matters week happening on May 21-24.

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