Lee Min Ho wishes all Mums Happy Mother’s Day

Recently, everywhere we go, we are being bombarded by this Korean superstar who has been promoting a certain massage chair. You can spot him on the television, at the MRT stations or shopping malls. I’m sure by now you know who I am talking about.

Credits: OSIM SG

Lee Min Ho is the endorser for UDiva. The UDiva was launched a few weeks ago. It is such an apt time to launch this product so as to coincide with Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day is approaching and if you have the extra cash, you might want to invest a massage chair. Please take note that Lee Min Ho is not included in the package. 😉

Recently, Lee Min Ho was in Singapore for the Innisfree Singapore launch. In total, Lee Min Ho is endorsing two products in Singapore.

We heard that Lee Min Ho will be going to Hong Kong in June to launch an OSIM product. I have a good feeling that he will travel to Singapore in that month too. Minoz, keep your fingers crossed!

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