Plus Size Series: Kaylene

We are on the hunt for the next plus size shop in Singapore. This week, Kaylene is our featured shop. Located at Far East Plaza, this shop exudes homeliness right when you step into the shop. Welcomed by a friendly and helpful shop assistant, she makes you feel comfortable by having small talks with you instead of pushing you to look at the latest products. Not only that, if you are with friends, there is a sofa located at the side so that they can have a seat while you take your time to look at the clothes.

This week, for our hunt, the theme we went for is “Travel Chic”. When traveling, comfort is top priority. But that does not mean we dress sloppily. So, check out the dresses and tops that we have sussed out.

Travelling on an airplane or boat, you will need something comfortable. It is best to wear tops and pants rather than dresses especially on long journey.

Hot Air Balloon Top: $52.90  Heart Shaped Top: $52.90

Pair this up with jeans or any comfortable pants. I like how the hot air balloon top is so fun yet at the same time, makes you look slimmer thanks to the use of dark colours at the side of the shirts.

When you are on a holiday, you like to loosen up and be free. Try these cute dresses.

Bird Dress: $79.90 Belt: $29.90

Out of all the dresses I tried, this is one of my favourite. It may look just like any other dress (sorry for our amateur photography skills), but the material and the way it just fits my body, makes it my favourite.  The heart shape and yellow linings on the dress gives the dress a fun yet classy look. I am loving the bird dress and I hope I save enough to get it soon!

Credits: Kaylene Price: $79.90

Does this dress reminds you of the Paddle Pop ice cream?

The combination of the different colours used makes it suitable for dinner or a party you will be attending. Match this with heels and a clutch and you are ready to go.

In my opinion, even though, I love the items sold at Kaylene, it might be too expensive for me and not that student friendly. Students, don’t worry if you cannot afford Kaylene, you can check out The Plus Mannequin, their sister company. The price range from as low as $18.90 to $42.90.

The only downside is that you can only order it online but fret not, if you have problems with the items, you can exchange it within 10 days with no questions asked. How amazing is that?

If you love the designs and materials used from Kaylene, the owner of shop, Kayde, shared that she got her inspirations from Victoria Beckham and Kate Spade. “I love to combine quirky style (by using cute fabric) and incorporate simple technical methods and ‘cheats’ to make customers look visually slimmer,” explained Kayde. Kayde personally chooses the fabric and design for her own collection and therefore, the designs in the shop is unique.


14 Scotts Road

Far East Plaza


Opening Hours: 

Mon – Sat: 1.30pm – 9pm
Sun: 1.30 pm – 8 pm

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