Food Review: 4 Fingers

With all things Hallyu, riding the Korean wave this time round is Korea’s fried chicken. Korean fried chicken is basically fried chicken, dipped in a layer of specialty sauce (usually sweet or spicy), and then fried again. The end result: crunchy, delicious, deep-fried chicken that is not greasy at all!

Recently, my friends and I tried 4 Fingers as we were in the vicinity. It was my first time visiting 4 Fingers and I heard good reviews about it so I was excited to try it.

Chicken wings set!

4 Fingers are well-known for their Korean style fried chicken, therefore it’s a must to try their chicken! For the chicken, there is a selection of soy garlic, mixed or hot & spicy for the seasoning. We tried the Chicken Drumsticks and the Chicken Wings, both in mixed. The chicken was tasty, the skin thin, crisp and sweet and the meat was not too dry.

Chicken Drumstick and Seaweed fries

If you’re planning to order their chicken, I suggest you get the drumsticks instead of the wings! The drumsticks are more succulent and bigger in size. With the price difference of the wings and the drumsticks being only a dollar, the drumsticks are more value for money! The Chicken Wings (4 Wings) set costs $9.95 while the Chicken Drumsticks set (3 Drumsticks) cost $10.95.

Chicken Katsu Sandwich and Kimchi fries

We tried the Chicken Katsu Sandwich too. A set of it complete with drinks and fries costs us $9.95. It was fried chicken and kimchi coleslaw sandwiched between a crispy bun. The way it was presented reminded me of the kong bak pau, a Chinese dish with braised pork slices between steamed buns.  I tried eating the sandwich with my hands first, but changed to using my utensils as the kimchi coleslaw kept dropping which made it quite messy. If you like the taste of kimchi, the Chicken Katsu Sandwich would appeal to you.

For the fries accompanying the meals, there is a choice of  kimchi or seaweed fries. I tried both the fries and personally, I preferred the seaweed fries. The kimchi fries sound fascinating, but it is really nothing special. The kimchi fries are lightly sprinkled with kimchi flavoured powder which does not evenly cover all the fries. I was a little disappointed that the fries do not have much of the kimchi taste in it and ended up eating my fries with chili sauce. If you don’t know what fries to get, seaweed fries are a safe bet!

Overall, my experience with 4 Fingers was good. The food was served in an aluminum metal box which was very unique and I liked it! Bad points: The place was a little cramped, which was typical of fast food chain restaurants out there. Also, do be prepared to wait 15-30 minutes to order your food as the queue for 4 Fingers can get really long. To avoid the crowd, an alternative would be to try their delivery service.

In my opinion, 4 Fingers are a little on the pricey side for fried chicken. If you would like to try 4 Fingers and you’re a student, do take note of their student promotions! It happens on the weekdays from 2pm-6pm and students can get $3 off their ala carte and combo meals! 😀

Currently there are 4 Finger outlets located at Plaza Singapura and ION Orchard. Another outlet is scheduled to open soon at Westgate!


Plaza Singapura

Orchard Rd, #01-3268
Singapore 238839

ION Orchard

2 Orchard Turn, #B4-06A
Singapore 238801

Westgate (Opening Soon)

3 Gateway Drive, #02-05
Singapore 608532


One thought on “Food Review: 4 Fingers

  1. First time and also the last time . The wings are too salty. Dissapointed with the taste bud of all the people have eaten. Counter staff are unfriendly.

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