Meet Social Media Nova Award Winner, Hafiz Zainal

Last month, the Malay music industry celebrated the top musicians from around the region at the Anugerah Planet Muzik 2013. One of the categories featured is an open category where budding musicians who are not signed to a label can send in their videos and the most voted videos will win the Social Media Nova Award.

Hafiz Zainal, 21, from Malaysia got the highest votes compared to the nominees from Singapore and Indonesia .

His cover of the hit song from Anuar Zain, Sedetik Lebih, has earned him the award. This video has garnered more than 100 thousand views. Hafiz revealed that his fan was the one who sent in the video and nominated him for that category. Till now, Hafiz is still clueless on who submitted the video on his behalf. With support from his loyal fans, it is no wonder he emerged as the winner.

At the age of four, this dental student started singing in the car while listening to the radio. Since then, he has not stopped singing. Hafiz was inspired by succesfull YouTubers who have made a name for themselves. Knowing and believing that singing is his passion,  he then started to upload videos on YouTube as he wants to share his talents to the world. Encouragements from his closed ones also gave him the courage to upload videos on YouTube.

Uploading videos on YouTube has its pros and cons. One can get popular or hate at a short period of time. Hafiz received both positive and negative feedbacks. He has garnered a lot of supporters who have been encouraging him to upload more videos. Hafiz confessed that he do get affected by negative comments but on a positive note, he used it as a way to improve himself.

Winning the Social Media Nova award has earned him several recording contracts from both local and international recording companies. However, since Hafiz is still a student, there are quite a number of factors to consider before signing a contract. Hafiz wants to be a dentist as well as a singer. Therefore, he hopes he is able to combine both passions and be the first singing-dentist in Malaysia.

To Hafiz, music is the most powerful tool. It does not judge or discriminate, and there is always a piece of you when you listen to the lyrics. He added that singing and music are the platforms where he can find his inner peace and feel inspired and alive.

His fans are the ones who make him believed that nothing is impossible if one works hard. They were the ones who gives him the strength to keep singing. Without them, he is sure that he will never be able to survive in the music industry. As a gesture of appreciation, Hafiz tries his best to communicate with his fans through the different social media platforms so as to create that special bond and to gain their support as well.

Hafiz Zainal is a name you need to remember because soon, you will start hearing his names on the radiowaves and other media platforms. Congratulations Hafiz on winning the Social Media Nova Award! If you would like to get updated about Hafiz, you can follow him on Twitter , like his Facebook Page and subscribe to his YouTube Channel: