Sundown Festival 2013

The 5th Annual Sundown Festival 2013 comprised of a myriad of artists from around the region. Either they are new to the scene or a big name from their country. All came together for one night filled with energetic performances.

Screw from Japan was the first band that I caught for the night. Their music is what I would describe as hardcore rock.

The lead singer was writhing around on stage and at one point of time even put his hands in his pants (in a failed attempt to look sexy I’m sure) and that not only made me uncomfortable but also left a bad taste in my mouth. Media may be about being sexually notorious, but you are selling yourself short if you have to resort to those kind of cheap gimmicks to win fans.

Next up was Yoga Lin. An absolute departure, musically, from the previous act. His soothing vocals was impressive and he casually strummed the guitar and managed to collectively made the crowd sway to his easy listening songs. There was even a song dedicated to his mum.

Bosco Wong was one of the acts that garnered the loudest cheers from the crowd. I noticed signs went up and his fanclub was just bubbling with excitement as the hosts announced his name.

Bosco gave his all during his performance with slick moves and a wink or two for the crowd. He sang one his most popular songs (assuming from the cheers he got from his fanbase) and even gave a short interview before exiting the stage.

RICO BLANCO from the Philippines impressed me the most. Their music could be categorised as rock. In their tribal get up, they gve such an energetic performance it was contagious and you cannot help but bop along. At the end they also dedicated a song for their home country that have been deeply affected by hurricane Haiyan.

Following suit Rico Blanco’s full of energy performance, was Nidji from Indonesia. I was personally looking forward to their turn as they were the only act I was remotely familiar with for the night. Not disappointing, they came out and gave such a great performance, even those who were not familiar with them was clapping along to their songs. Theirs was also rock with a bit of pop influence.

The second last group for the night was AOA from Korea. As I mentioned before, besides Bosco, AOA got the most cheering from the crowd and their own fanbase present during the performance. The girls gave what you would expect from a Korean girl group; cuteness, dance moves, lip syncing, and clothes that treads the line between cute and sexy.

And last but not least, was D=OUT another band from Japan. Theirs was also rock music but much less grating than Screw. By the time they performed the crowd was starting to thin out. Which was a bit of a shame as they were actually worth listening to.

All in all, Sundown was an eyeopener for me. It was great to see different acts from all over Asia perform at one festival.

Special thanks to Red Spade Entertainment and MSL Singapore for extending the invitation to Sundown Festival 2013 to The Fifth Parlour.

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