Food review: Windowsill Pies

Pies anyone?

If you love to eat pies, Windowsill Pies is just the place to go. Located near Jalan Besar stadium, the café serves sweet pies (not savoury ones!) and it’s the perfect treat for someone with a sweet tooth.

The café offers a wide selection of pies to choose from and my friends and myself both had a hard time deciding on which pies to get. They all look so appetizing! In the end, we went for the Banana Almond Brittle, Strawberry Lemon, Funny Apple and Grasshopper pies.

The Strawberry Lemon pie and the Banana Almond Brittle (with the Grasshopper lurking at the back!)

Among all the pies we ordered, I adored the Strawberry Lemon pie the most. It was really refreshing and I loved the tartness of the pie. I enjoyed the pie so much I wanted to order another slice right when I was done with it! If you enjoy the sourness of lemons as much as I do, the Strawberry Lemon pie will make a great choice. The Banana Almond Brittle was a little disappointing though. The banana mousse at the top was a little hollow and the pie crust at the bottom was too soft for my liking, it disintegrated easily when I cut it.

The Funny Apple and the Grasshopper!! P.S: they look sooo appetizing don’t they?

The Funny Apple pie was one of the better apple pies I’ve tasted and it was very fresh. One of the best-sellers of the café, the Grasshopper (a rather odd name for a pie), was chocolatey, minty and very yummy. It’s definitely a pie worth checking out!

Another best-seller of the café is the Morello Cherry pie. It’s made with fresh cherries and has an intricate weave of sugared shortcrust at the top. It looks absolutely delicious. It was a pity I did not get to try it that day at the café, but I’ll definitely be back to try it!

Windowsill Pies has a warm and cosy atmosphere and it’s a great place to chill out and relax. The warm lighting sets the mood of the café right and the wood decor adds to the cosiness of the cafe. The whole café experience makes you feel like you’re in the woods. (No wonder it’s called Windowsill in the woods!)

During my visit, the staff were also very friendly and they seemed like they genuinely enjoyed their job. The girl that served us was very pro-active with giving us recommendations and she was really sincere with that, which made it easier to for our pie selection. This made my visit to the café really enjoyable too! The café’s a little small and was a little cramped when we visited in the evening. Do be prepared to wait a while for seats!

Their pies are priced from about $7 onwards (per slice).

Apologies for the low quality of the picture!! I wasn’t expecting to use them for the post!



Windowsill Pies
78 Horne Rd
Singapore 209078
Nearest MRT: Lavender

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