Ideas for Slumber Party

Wanna have fun with friends at home without spending money?

What you need:

1) Activities

2) Friends, the more,the merrier

Here are some ideas and tips for  a Slumber party at your own Crib!

Lets Karaoke

What you need is a karaoke player with vcd/cd of your favourite music. If there’s no karaoke set, Youtube is another option. Search for your preferred music and sing with the minus one/lyrics video. You don’t need a mic. Just sing your hearts out! It is gonna be entertaining while relieving stress and may pollute the air with your voices..Hehe! With more friends,you could do a singing competition just for fun and win small prizes.Choose your own song,showcase your talent and the battle shall begin!

Mini Movie

A dvd/vcd player is required of course.Its better if you have friends who own a large television screen,to have more feels like a movie theater. Play your favourite movies in a dark room.From horror to comedy.Avoid documentary movie that might lead to boredom. Dont forget to munch on snacks like popcorn.

Disco at home

No boombox? No worries.Speaker is just you need or anything that could let the music flow out loud.Gather all the upbeat songs that will surely let the body moves. Be it salsa or even bollywood music,dance crazily! May use a colourful dim night light or just a reading light to feels like a club.Turn the light off,hit the play button and  music will guide you on the dance floor!


Classic games such as Monopoly,Scrabbles,Bingo,Truth or Dare and more could be part of filling your fun time together.Hi tech ones like Nintendo wii,Playstation is a bonus gadget if any of your friends own one to make use of as a group.Could divide among yourself as a team and take turns to play.Winners will get prizes of your own.It doesn’t need to be an items for gifts  but it could be any form of service act like ‘serving drinks,massaging”  by the loosing team to the winner.

Lets Cook

You need a kitchen and ingredients.Plan your budget to get cheap ingredients of any simple dish to cook.Required a recipe guide of what to cook if you are not a cooking pro.Could learn from your friends who are more prone in the kitchen on how to handle and prepare foods.Help one another in preparing your own cook food.If your friends are amongst the chef to be type.Put on a show like ‘Masterchef’ and taste plus comment on each other food presentation.

Drama Queen

Be a Drama Queen with your own creativity in imitating any popular film  act or character.Pick a film and everyone shall be an actress.Use costume that resembles the character and do your own role play. Video it and replay your actions.You will amusedly laugh  at your own acting.


Most needed is your make-up items.Doll up yourself glamorously like never before.Put up fanciful colours like gold and silver.Dress up and mix and match your Apparel and accessories like necklaces,hat and scarf.Act like a Model or create your own unique fashion identity and be different for that day.Imagine being a different you for a day,may improve your confident and boost up your character.Remember to capture it in a photograph.


Once in a while,being narcissistic you could ever do for the sake of expressing yourself. A camera with a camera stand is what you need in capturing the moments with your friends.Many kind of expressions from crazy weird looks till nerdy sweet look you could pose in front of the camera.Transfer capture images into the computer and edit with funny background and text.It could be an important recollections in the future with your cliques of friends.

I know these ideas and tips are exciting and beneficial much if you’re on stayover/sleepover party, as I’ve experience it myself. Find a time with your girlfriends, spent more time with them in an enjoyable way.

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