Purchase Boyce Avenue New Single, One Life, to help underprivileged kids

It is a norm for performers to make use of their talents to contribute back to the society. Different performers use different methods to rally support from fans to get their fans to support them in the organisation that they are advocating and helping.

Boyce Avenue, who will be performing in two weeks in Singapore, has just release their first single, One Life.

They have partnered with Pencils of Promise, a foundation that dedicates to bring education to those in need. In less developing countries, most children do not have the luxury to attend school because they do not have enough money to attend school or they do not have transport money to travel to school.

Boyce Avenue will be donating 100% of the proceeds to Pencils of Promise. You can purchase “One Life” on iTunes, Amazon or stream on Spotify. ”

“One Life” is available worldwide so you can do your part no matter where you are from and help these kids. The proceeds will go towards building a school for underprivileged kids who are currently struggling to get an education.

The boys aim to get to $25,000. With the amount of fans they have, I am sure they will be able to reach their target. Help the boys reach their target and at the same time, you are helping those in need. These kids are the future of their society. You can make a different with just a click and purchase the song. In return, you will be able to enjoy the vocals of these talented boys.

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