Goodbye HMV Somerset

We had just bid goodbye to Gramaphone a few months back. Now, another music store is closing one of its outlet. Now, there will only be one HMV outlet in Singapore. Soon, there will be none.

Technology has taken over our life. We used technology almost in everything we do. Likewise, for music, now people rather download online either legally or illegal.

I have to admit that I rarely buy albums now. Back in the 90s , it is cool to own albums and play it on your discman. Now, I only buy albums when there is an autograph session because I know that the albums will only collect dust if I were to purchase it. I do not have the habit to find the album to play it on my laptop. I rather search for the songs on YouTube.

On the other hand, I do purchase albums to support certain artistes and at the same time, looking at an album tend to bring back memories. I think the first album I owned is a Britney Spears’ album. I remember listening to it every night and sleeping with my discman.

HMV Somerset is closing in 5 days and they are having up to 70% sale. Grab this chance to get your favourite albums and add to your collection. I really hope I will have the time to drop by HMV and grab the good deals! HMV Somerset is the place where I got to meet The Wanted and Lawson. I will cherish the memories I spent there. HMV Somerset, you will be missed. I really hope HMV Marina will stay in Singapore as long as possible.

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