SKarf “Dreams Come True” Showcase

Singaporean/Korean girl group, SKarf, held their first ever showcase in Singapore and it was indeed a dream come true for the five girls.

SKarf kicked off the showcase with their latest single ‘LUV Virus’ from their second mini album. The girls each displayed their individual talents during the showcase.

Singaporean members Tasha and Ferlyn displayed their dance talents. Their dance moves were a mixture of hip hop and modern dance.

Hana and Jenny displayed a cute side of them by dancing to Barbie Girl and Gentleman, which led to fans screaming for more. Their dance moves can give you diabetes because it was so sweet and cute!

JooA did an impressive solo performance of a musical, showcasing her strong vocals.

SKarf also played a game of Scissors, Paper, Stone with their five lucky fans. Every fan is assigned to a member of SKarf and was fed with a slice of bak kwa (Chinese salty-sweet dried meat product similar to jerky).

What caught most of the audience’s attention was when Jenny placed the slice of bak kwa at one end in her mouth and other end in the girl’s mouth to feed her. Loud screams were heard from envious fans.

SKarf fans managed to surprise Hana with a birthday cake as an advanced birthday celebration. Hana was so touched that she cried. Aside from celebrating Hana’s birthday, SKarf fans also surprised the girls with a big cake to celebrate their  1st year anniversary. It was a moment of disbelief for SKarf seeing how much effort the fans have put into the planning.

Before ending the showcase, the girls each gave a thank you message and send their love to their loyal fans . The girls ended the showcase with a dance special with powerful stage effects and strong dance moves from each of the girls.

Happy 1st Anniversary SKarf! All the best in your future endeavors.

We would like to thank Dream Station for extending the invite to showcase.

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