From GMD3 to District3

Some of you might know them as GMD3 before they auditioned for X Factor UK while some of you know them as District3. Personally, I heard about District3 through The Wanted.

Apart from the change in the name, they now have biker boots, original music and of course Mick’s going through puberty! (this doesn’t come from us but from their band mates.)

Greg West, Michael Parsons and Dan Ferrari-Lane started getting recognised after uploading covers on YouTube. They have since garnered 7 million views and over 900,000 combined Twitter followers to date.

Say no more to covers and hello original music! The band, now, have their own EP which will be out on August 18th. They have been busy writing and recording amidst their UK headline tour “District 3 Live 3eekOut Tour”.

The EP comes with five tracks, ‘More & More’ accoustic video, 11 page digital booklet which includes the lyrics of the five tracks and exclusive pictures. I tried asking them if we can expect any non PG rated pictures on the booklet but the boys are really secretive about it.

The boys got their inspiration from different personal experiences like being in a dark place in a relationship and trying to get everyone drunk at a party. The boys hope that fans will like the EP and they did not disappoint them. So 3eeks, show your support by pre-ordering the EP on iTunes!

3eeks will fangirl for District 3 but do you know who these boys will fanboy for?

Greg will be cheering for

Tori Kelly!

Dan will be cheering for

Bruno Mars!

And Micky will be cheering for

Lauren Hill!

Other than digging about who they are willing to fanboy for, we managed to asked them to share with us about some of the things we do not know about District 3.

1) Greg shared that he is in need of a haircut.

2) Dan loves the film, Charlottes Web.

3) Micky smells everything before he eats it.

4) They have an interesting workout routine. At the end of each work day, the boys will get dumped on the street, 2 miles from their final destination, and they will need to run to reach their destination.

5) Between the boys, they have 8 tattoos and one of them hasn’t even has one yet.

They also shared one unforgettable experience where Micky fall and dropped his mic off the raised stage at Wembley Area. Ouch, we hope he didn’t get hurt.

Singapore 3eeks, I know you are dying to know when the boys will be heading our way. The boys would love to come over and they said if the EP does well, it will give them even more reason to come. So 3eeks, you know what you got to do, get all your friends, family members, neighbours and everyone in Singapore to pre-order the EP.

Lets hope we will be able to see them live in Singapore soon and I would love to watch them perform this live too.

Lets Reload is currently the band’s favourite song to perform because there is a lot of audience interaction.

Stay connected with the band by liking them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter and subscribe to them on

Thank you Jayne Collins for arranging this interview and Dan, Greg and Micky for taking time to answer the questions. 

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